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Archived Cybersecurity Blogs

Business Impact Analysis: 5 Steps Toward Cybersecurity You Can Take Right Now

Learn why a business impact analysis and a risk assessment is critical to your business continuity.


Creating a robust defense against cyber threats, including malware, malicious traffic, and ransomware, doesn’t have to be an overly complicated process. Like every difficult but wise business move, the path to cybersecurity begins with a few well-placed steps.

Jon Bolden

Compliance Auditing Changes

We’ve recently seen significant changes in compliance auditing. In the past, clients were able to “check the boxes.” Not so any more.

Jon Bolden

Cybersecurity Insurance – 6 Types to Consider

Jon Bolden, Chief Information Security Officer, sits down and opens up about cyber insurance. Learn about premiums, lost revenue, recovery of hard and soft assets, and much more.


As I mentioned in my previous blog on ransomware statistics, cybersecurity insurance can be a vital step in preparing your business for an incident. When buying cyber insurance, however, there are many factors to consider and roads to navigate to ensure you’re effectively covered

Jon Bolden

Mindblowing ransomware statistics

According to the FBI, there has been as much as a 500% increase in the effects of ransomware on networks and IT infrastructure in the past few years1. In my work, I often see firms so involved in the technical aspects of these cybersecurity events, including what tools and widgets they can use to prevent attacks, that they don’t consider what recovery will actually look and feel like if, or more likely when, their organization is targeted.

Jon Bolden

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