Endpoint Protection as a Service (EPaaS)

Today, in workplaces worldwide, employees bring their own devices (BYOD) to work.

Remote work multiplies your endpoint vulnerabilities, weakening your organization’s security posture. Your company's shared data could be at risk on employees' phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

How can you ensure its safety? With Endpoint Protection as a Service.

Quest’s Endpoint Protection as a Service (EPaaS) uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor your endpoints for threats. Endpoint protection servicemaintains surveillance of events generated at each of your endpoints.

It looks for suspicious activity and addressing it immediately. Quest’s EPaaS provides you with malware and virus protection.Our endpoint security service also delivers reliable security intelligence in real-time.This shortens response times and delivers continuous threat and endpoint security monitoring.

AI and Machine Learning Deliver Fast Responses

Endpoint intrusions can operate at machine speed on the host device. Quest’s EPaaS deploys lightweight, ultra-fast Artificial Intelligence (AI) directly on client devices. Intrusions trigger fully automated security playbooks, which result in rapid, coordinated responses that stop malicious processes before they multiply.

Quest harnesses the latest technology to improve the efficacy of EPaaS. Our endpoint protection services use predictive AI, machine learning, and Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) solutions. Innovative tech increases speed, strengthensmanaged endpoint security operations, and improves your overall network safety.

Quest’s EPaaS provides:

AI-driven malware and virus protection • 24/7 monitoring and alert notification • Managed detection and response (MDR) • Enterprise-wide threat hunting • Memory exploitation prevention • Device policy enforcement • Script management • Application control for fixed-function devices • Context-driven threat detection • On-demand root cause analysis • Automated playbook-driven response • Remote investigation and remediation

Flexibility to Match Your Needs

Quest’s EPaaS is flexible and can work for your business in a variety of ways. No two businesses are alike, and we customize our endpoint security management to your needs. You can run EPaaS at your site or from Quest’s Service Delivery Centers. You can choose to use dedicated or shared servers for your endpoint protection service.

Increased Endpoints Create Dispersed Vulnerabilities

Today’s increase in endpoints has created dispersed vulnerabilities. Remote workers and mobile devices, are all targets that are vulnerable to increasingly aggressive bad actors. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devicesare all targets. Trends, such as the Internet of things (IoT), create new entry points for cybercriminals to launch sophisticated attacks on individuals or organizations.

The magnitude of the threat of cyberattacks has moved beyond the human scale. Responding to hundreds of millions of threat queries every day requires assistance from AI.With Quest’s EPaaS, you can allow your team to retain their tools to be productive and protect your enterprise by keeping their devices safe.

Intelligence In Action

Quest’s AI-driven approach to Managed Endpoint Protection Services delivers reliable security intelligence. EPaaS monitors events generated at your endpoints to look for suspicious activity and address it immediately. Quest’s EPaaS provides analysts with much more than data—delivering actionable information and corroborating evidence in real-time.

EPaaS allows your employees to continue to use the devices that allow them to maintain productivity.Endpoint protection service empowers teams towork remotely without being vulnerable targets for increasingly aggressive bad actors.

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