Disaster Recovery Workshop

As a leading provider of Disaster Recovery services for business, we have created a Workshop with our Disaster Recovery experts to evaluate or create a plan that meets all recovery requirements and allows your business to be prepared for any type of disruption.

Quest’s Disaster Recovery Workshop Will:

  • Identify technical and business process gaps
  • Define stakeholders, recovery teams, and processes/functionalities necessary for operation
  • Highlight missed expectations from a data loss and recovery time perspective
  • Address compliance with regulatory agencies and industry standards

Customized for Your Business

Many of the disaster recovery options in today’s marketplace force a business into choosing a cookie-cutter approach to Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery (BCP/DR). This can lead to unintended oversight and unnecessary products and services.

We specialize in delivering flexible solutions, tailored to your company’s specific needs. Quest’s Disaster Recovery Workshop will leave you with recommendations that fit into your business’ unique landscape.

A Blueprint for Business Resilience

As technology integration grows tighter and more sophisticated, so do security risks. Quest’s Disaster Recovery Workshop will help you plan for almost any kind of disruption, so your organization can be dynamic, responsive, and recoverable after disaster strikes.

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How It Works

Once you sign up for the workshop there is a four-step process:


Schedule a kickoff call, establish priorities and preferred dates, determine necessary documents and attendees

Kickoff Call

Introductions, agenda, expectations


Conduct a one-day Workshop remotely or on-site at your location or Quest’s headquarters in Roseville, CA

Final Review

Quest provides Executive Summary including recommendations and action items

Disaster Recovery Workshop