IT Staff Augmentation


Do you have the qualified IT staff you need to get that project done? Not only finished but done right and within the established timeframe and budget? If you answered no, you need to bring in IT experts with the necessary knowledge and capabilities.

But finding, interviewing, and hiring people with experience is time-consuming, taking you away from the mountain of other time-sensitive assignments for which you are responsible.

Don't worry, you have Quest.

Quest’s IT Staff Augmentation services can provide you with precisely what you need, whether it’s consultants, contract-to-hire, or permanent staff additions. Quest’s staffing professionals have a wealth of industry experience and an extensive directory of top vetted talent. We take the time to understand what you’re seeking in an ideal candidate and then utilize a relationship-centered networking process to find the right person, allowing you to focus on other business-critical tasks.

Quest handles all your IT staffing needs.

Quest has been placing IT professionals for decades, drawing from a deep pool of talented and experienced candidates. Quest IT Staffing professionals can fill your job openings for contract workers, provide staff augmentation for projects, and supply talent for direct hire or temp-to-hire opportunities in your department.

Need help with cybersecurity or high-level staffing?

Unemployment is almost unheard of in the cybersecurity field. This can make it difficult and expensive to attract, recruit, and retain the qualified cybersecurity resources your organization needs.

Not to worry. Quest’s vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) senior security experts can fill sensitive high-level positions, leveraging deep experience and industry knowledge and help you overcome this scarcity of available labor and avoid the added overhead of hiring, training, or backfilling a permanent CISO.

Quest’s vCISO can work with your organization from 4-80 hours per month and can provide:

  • A knowledgeable voice in executive/board/committee leadership meetings for security guidance
  • Hands-on consulting for security policy and compliance management
  • Review risk assessments and mitigation prioritization
  • Mentorship and training to all levels of staff
  • Advice on third party risk management and security development life cycle
  • 24/7 access to Quest’s Incident Response Team to address catastrophic events

With Quest’s vCISO, you can overcome the market’s shortage in critical cybersecurity talent and fortify your organization’s security posture without the added expense of a full-time resource.

How long does Quest’s hiring process take?

Quest’s hiring time frame depends on specifics like the type of engagement and the customer’s particular requirements. A typical timeline might average two to three weeks, from the initial search to onboarding a successful candidate.

For urgent situations, Quest can move quickly to fill an open position, placing someone almost immediately.

How does Quest handle technical staff screening?

Quest understands today’s technology trends and maintains strong working relationships with skilled, highly proficient IT experts worldwide. For Quest, it’s a small step from providing state-of-the-art technology solutions to arranging for the best IT professionals to work on your behalf, either in direct-hire placements or via contract.

What about technical screenings?

Quest’s staffing professionals will handle the technical staff screening for you, easing the recruiting process and reducing the amount of time your hiring manager has to spend finding the best candidates.

Your Quest staffing team will source candidates who not only match your skill requirements but also fit in well with your working environment. And Quest validates the technical skills and certifications of all the talent they recommend as new hires.

Quest’s many diverse experts understand information technology developments and trends from an in-the-trenches perspective. They know what works, what doesn’t, and why.

With Quest as your IT staffing services provider, you can transition from wrangling IT talent to managing your business-critical projects.

Contact Quest today.

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