Technical On-Call Support (TOCS)

Access to the technical support you need, when you need it.

Quest’s agile and responsive Technical On-Call Support (TOCS) gives your company a competitive advantage. With TOCS, you have a lifeline of agile and flexible technical support 24/7. Our responsive technical support will free up your internal resources to focus on building and running your business.

Quest onboards your organization at no charge with the same thorough care and attention it provides its Managed Services clients. So your Managed IT services team has a holistic understanding of your environment before you ever place your first billable tech support call.

Quest’s TOCS can handle situations such as:

Files that have been locked by a ransomware virus • Your staff needs access to internet resources outside of the local network • Some of your users can’t get a wireless connection in the office • One of your departments cannot connect to the internet • Someone on your team lacks access to email or IP phone service • You need Windows updates for certain laptops  • Your team is struggling to configure a firewall around new circuits

Quest’s certified TOCS technicians save you valuable time, money, and resources and offer not only ease of escalation but instant access to the Quest TOCS expert toolbox.

How does it work?

The moment you need Quest, our expert TOCS technicians are there to join forces with your team, address any problems, and stabilize your environment.

As soon as you notify Quest of an issue, our Network Operations Center (NOC) technical team seamlessly merges with your organization. The Quest team will open a ticket and assign an expert technician to work with you to remediate the issue. Quest tracks the progress of your ticket and leverages all necessary resources to resolve the problem.

Utilize Quest TOCS as your secret weapon, your second set of eyes on updates and reconfigurations, your enhanced support when your team’s bandwidth is low, and your lifeline when things aren’t running smoothly.

Experience the agile and responsive technical support you need, when you need it. Your organization can carry on with business as usual while Quest handles the IT issues.

Contact Quest today.

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