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Archived Cybersecurity Blogs

Why the SASE Security Model Makes Sense in Today’s Environment

Security is certainly front of mind for anyone involved with IT today. That’s why many companies have adopted stronger and stronger measures to prevent successful cyberattacks. That typically means having end users—those working both remotely and in the office — access all their data via a backhaul connection through a virtual private network (VPN). This approach lets users take advantage of the organization’s firewall, filters, and other security measures. But while users may be able to access the resources, they need this way—whether that’s SaaS applications or files—there are probably still plenty of gaps that exist in your security fabric.

Jon Bolden

Why You Need 6 Layers of Zero-Trust Control

A recent report produced for IBM put the average cost of a data breach at $3.86 million. The same report said that simply having a remote workforce added nearly $137,000 to the cost of data breach resolution. Those are big numbers. And, with today’s migration to a remote workforce, that should be plenty of motivation for those responsible for their organization’s data security to take notice.

Jon Bolden

How to Secure Your Network for Every Endpoint

Endpoint security has become more complex than ever before, creating new challenges for today’s businesses. If you were asked to identify every endpoint on your network, how long would it take you? And would you be able to confidently say that each and every endpoint was properly secured?

Jon Bolden

How Do Cyber Defense Solutions Protect Against Cyber Attacks?

You already know that cybersecurity is a necessity – but how do cyber defense solutions actually work? In our modern, tech-powered world, cybersecurity has become a foundational part of any organization’s daily operations and protocols.

Jon Bolden

Logging vs. Monitoring: Why You Need Both for Optimal Application Performance

When it comes to optimizing application performance, logging and monitoring are two halves that make a whole. In the processes of application architecture, deployment, and management, logging and monitoring offer two varying methods for evaluating app performance. Using each technique, you can ensure that the application meets all expectations for availability, performance, and cyber security.

Jon Bolden

5 Cybersecurity Solutions that Every Organization Needs

A solid cybersecurity strategy is a must – but figuring out exactly how to start building one can be a challenge. Odds are, you’re already well-aware that your organization needs a cybersecurity solution. But when it comes time to actually develop a well-rounded cybersecurity plan, what should your top priorities be?

Jon Bolden

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