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5 Cybersecurity Solutions that Every Organization Needs

A solid cybersecurity strategy is a must – but figuring out exactly how to start building one can be a challenge.

Odds are you’re already well-aware that cybersecurity is a necessity for any and every organization. But when it comes time to develop a well-rounded cybersecurity plan, what should your top priorities be?

Sophisticated cyber criminals have completely changed the rules of the game, zeroing in on the assets and security blind spots they know will harm an organization most. One malicious link could expose everything your organization has, but an excellent cybersecurity strategy could be your tech-savvy saving grace.

Although cybersecurity is unlikely to ever be “one-size-fits-all,” there are a handful of key solutions that are valuable for organizations of all types and sizes. Whether you’re refining an existing strategy or only beginning to hone in on cybersecurity, these five vital solutions are an excellent place to start.

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1. Employee training and awareness

There’s no question that advanced cybersecurity services are an outstanding way to safeguard against a wide spectrum of threats; however, your first (and often best) line of defense is something far less tech-based than that: your people.

Even the most intelligent and technology-aware employees can fall victim to a well-disguised cyber threat, but proper training and ongoing awareness can make a world of difference. A staggering majority of cyber incidents are catalyzed by a simple error made by an organization’s team member; however, when employees are provided with high-quality cybersecurity training, the rate of incidents drops significantly.

As the old saying goes, the best offense is a good defense – and never has that been truer than in the case of cybersecurity. Empower your employees to serve as a human firewall and you’ll have a security strategy that’s smarter and stronger than most.

2. Next-generation endpoint protection as a service (EPaaS) powered by AI
Unfortunately, modern cyber villains are far more intelligent and well-equipped than the stereotypical depiction of a solo hacker working from a dark and dusty basement. Today’s cyberattacks are planned on a grand scale, intentionally going beyond what the average human network administrator can detect. And while human ability can never be completely replaced, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a cybersecurity necessity.

Using a superior combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence, advanced endpoint protection as a service (EPaaS) completely transforms threat monitoring and response. A virtually limitless number of endpoint vulnerabilities can be surveilled, and the rapid pace of action can keep up with even the most agile intrusions.

3. A comprehensive backup service with immutable storage
If you’re assuming that you’ve done your due diligence by establishing a backup service, you aren’t alone. In fact, plenty of organizations are trusting standard backup services to be there if (or when) an attack occurs.

But once again, traditional cybersecurity solutions are proving to be an often-ineffective defense against professional cyber criminals. Instead of simply infiltrating a network and flipping the virtual kill switch, bad actors are now investing more time and effort into wreaking digital havoc. The invaders exfiltrate data, going on a virtual treasure hunt for your most valuable data. Once they unearth it, they destroy your backups before launching the final attack. This scorched earth approach can leave an organization with nothing.

With immutable (aka protected) storage and a comprehensive backup service, your data becomes untouchable. Even if your organization has the misfortune of experiencing a serious attack, at the very least, you know that there’s always a way back to the data you need most.

4. Professional monitoring performed by live experts

We’ve covered the immense benefit of AI-based security measures, but the power of having actual people on your side cannot be underestimated. The best cybersecurity strategy balances AI and human intelligence, covering all your bases for multi-faceted, 24/7 monitoring and response.

When you’re dealing with a potential security breach, time is of the essence. Why not do everything possible to ensure that an incident is caught as soon as possible?

5. Incident Response

Even the best-laid plans can go south sometimes, and that includes outstanding cybersecurity solutions. The reality is that cyber criminals are likely to continue working diligently to outsmart security measures whenever they can, so a certain amount of threat remains even for the well-protected organization.

Incident Response is a reactive measure rather than a proactive one – but that doesn’t make it any less essential. If and when something does happen, an immediate and effectively-crafted response will be the ultimate way to mitigate damage. Developing an Incident Response plan is one of the more complex (but foundational) elements of your cybersecurity strategy, involving various factors that should be taken into consideration. But trust me, it’s worth the effort.

Take a Proactive Approach to Cyber Defense with Quest

In today’s technology-driven world, there is so much riding on your organization’s ability to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals. A well-developed cybersecurity strategy, equipped with vital services, can be the difference between a quick recovery and a catastrophic event.

Quest Technology Management facilitates a diverse range of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, empowering our clients to construct a full-fledged strategy that best suits their needs and goals. We’ll assist you in navigating the complexities of modern cybersecurity, providing options that range from  complimentary discovery workshops to AI monitoring. Together, we’ll work to pinpoint your current cybersecurity vulnerabilities, eliminating weak points and strengthening your strategy for the future and beyond.

Thank you for trusting us to help with your cybersecurity needs.
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