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What are cybersecurity services and why does my organization need them?

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Today's digital landscape is filled with threats, from phishing to targeted attacks, deployed by increasingly sophisticated bad actors.


To mitigate cyber risks, every business needs a portfolio of IT security solutions and services, as well as experts who deploy them to help protect your data and your people.


There are three key areas of cybersecurity that your business will need to focus on: cybersecurity risk assessment, protection, and remediation. Partnering with a team of experienced and certified professionals who work directly with your executive teams and staff will help you effectively and efficiently establish and maintain comprehensive digital security.


Know the threats you face and how to protect yourself against them in today's digital environment.

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Cybersecurity Services Overview

Staying secure today is a process.

68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing. And they’re right.

Today’s IT environment is riddled with risk. Data breaches and ransomware attacks are increasing in number exponentially. Understanding the threats facing your organization is imperative. 

But where do you start? And what do you do?

Start here. Contact us. We’re committed to establishing and maintaining comprehensive digital and IT infrastructure security to keep your company safe.

Quest’s experienced and certified cybersecurity support experts will work directly with your executive teams, key stakeholders, department managers, and subject-matter experts to analyze your business processes and develop and support comprehensive digital security to protect your organization.

What makes up a complete Cybersecurity program?

A complete Cybersecurity program includes people, processes, and technologies. Quest's Cybersecurity programs are customized to address your company's specific needs, based on the assessments performed by our experienced and certified IT experts.

Quest creates a layered approach that ties people, processes, and technologies together to establish and maintain a comprehensive 24/7 safety net for your business. Your cybersecurity and data privacy program can include everything from security awareness training for your staff to cybersecurity risk assessment services to ongoing threat hunting, monitoring, management, and endpoint protection wherever you need the extra level of defense against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Program

Who needs Cybersecurity services?

The short answer: Everyone.

In truth, no organization can afford a breach, whether it is a local business or a multi-billion-dollar franchise. Many companies must adhere to compliance regulations, which demand extra levels of protection to secure data to prevent catastrophic data loss and avoid steep fines. Learn more about our cybersecurity compliance services.

Our Cybersecurity Services

How can CyberDefense Suite protect your business?

Quest's CyberDefense Suite helps you expand your view of the virtual landscape and gain protection and visibility across your organization—from endpoint to network and into the cloud.

  • Endpoint device security protection and monitoring
  • Email spam and malware protection, monitoring, and alerting
  • Domain Name System (DNS) breach protection and internet-wide visibility on and off your network
  • Firewall, IDS, and IPS monitoring and alerting
  • Quarterly vulnerability scan
A lock with code written in it that is around a blue circular background

With Quest's expert resources and sophisticated tools on your side, you have the perspective you need to determine what requires your immediate attention and which action is most appropriate.

The longer it takes to detect and respond to threats, the riskier and more costly the remedy.

With CyberDefense Suite’s continuous threat protection, monitoring, and alerting, you can avoid risks and malicious activity before they become attacks.

Rest easy knowing that Quest cybersecurity professionals are watching your environment in real-time, around the clock to quickly respond to any cyber threats. Contact Quest today to see why we are a leading cybersecurity service provider.

How can you prevent security threats from becoming security incidents?

Quest’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services offer the fastest and most efficient way to solve your most pressing cybersecurity problems. Unless you have a full contingent of cybersecurity experts on staff, you're likely not in a position to act on whatever actionable information your automated defenses are able to uncover. That means your response will be inadequate and your organization will suffer.

A group of people identifying a MDR issue

We are in the midst of an unprecedented cybercrime wave. To make things worse, factors like a dispersed workforce and the proliferation of endpoints such as handheld devices have caused vulnerable targets to multiply. These are dangerous times.

With MDR services, Quest’s team of veteran cybersecurity experts will utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to monitor your network 24/7. Our incident response team knows how to quickly repel a cyberattack, and Quest is prepared to offer you immediate protection against every threat to your most valuable assets. Avoid the expense of hiring, training, and equipping in-house staff by contracting with our trusted security experts.

How can you ensure your data is protected regardless of the device your employees are using, or the location where they are conducting business?

The realities of business today mean that most companies have remote workers who are using multiple devices. It’s essential to protect your information and shared data, whether it’s on a phone, laptop, tablet, or any other type of mobile device.

With the proliferation of mobile devices and remote workers, endpoints have become highly vulnerable targets for cyber attackers.

Quest’s Endpoint Protection as a Service (EPaaS) uses artificial intelligence to monitor threats and deliver reliable security intelligence, shortening response times and providing continuous threat monitoring. It examines events generated at all your endpoints to look for suspicious activity and deal with it immediately.

With Quest’s EPaaS, your employees will be able to keep the tools they need to be productive, without being vulnerable targets for cyberattacks. Contact Quest today.

What is Incident Response (IR), and why should your company have an IR plan?

Even the best security infrastructure won’t prevent all intrusions or malicious acts. When security incidents occur, you need to have an effective response plan in place or be able to call upon emergency support. The speed with which your company recognizes, analyzes, and responds to an incident makes all the difference.

Bad actors are utilizing increasingly sophisticated strategies to infiltrate your network and compromise your data. Quest’s Incident Response Team takes fast, effective, and orderly action to manage virus infections, hacker attempts and break-ins, service system interruptions, and more. We assess your cyber incident readiness and survivability, provide awareness training, support remediation efforts, and offer on-call 24/7 emergency response. Our experts can help your business identify, detect, contain, eradicate, and recover from virus infections, hacker attempts, break-ins, service system interruptions, and more.

2 men writing something on a piece of paper

With Quest’s proactive Incident Response and emergency services, you will be prepared to respond to (and recover from) a breach. Quest’s cyber defense specialists can evaluate your existing plan, develop a new plan, and provide a coordinated and rapid response when you need it.

An experienced team with the skills to provide fast and reliable emergency response can help you prepare and remediate, minimizing damage and reducing the high cost of recovery. Defend your business and minimize response time with Quest’s strategic Incident Response program. Contact Quest today.

What is Patch Management, and why is it important?

Patching is the critical, complicated, and often overlooked aspect of cybersecurity. Patching limits your firm’s exposure to vulnerabilities, which then minimizes risk—making a world of difference in your defenses.

An effective enterprise patching process requires intimate knowledge of your existing environment as well as the flexibility to continually evolve with your IT infrastructure.

Each time something changes in your IT environment—such as new virtual machines, applications, or a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy—you have a new set of patches to identify, evaluate, and deploy in a timely fashion.

But you can automate the patching process with Quest’s Patch Management as a Service, which manages the complex cyclical patching process for you so you can focus on your business.

Free your time and ease your mind with Quest’s Patch Management as a Service. Contact Quest today.

Keeping your network robust, reliable, and secure has never been more important than it is today.

Problems and points of vulnerability can stem from computers, tablets, devices, and phones that handle all the demands from databases, email clients, applications, and more. Being able to trust that your company’s IT infrastructure is protected and under round-the-clock surveillance is essential.

Quest’s Monitoring and Alerting Services provide peace of mind knowing your systems are watched and supported 24/7, allowing you to focus on your core business. Quest’s Network Management covers essential network maintenance and ensures continual updating, monitoring, and analysis to keep your organization’s productivity at optimum levels.

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How can Cybersecurity Awareness Training help your employees?

Your staff is the weakest link in any firewall surrounding your IT systems. Many of your employees don't understand Cybersecurity or the potential implications of their actions.

Many of today’s cyberattacks focus on exploiting this lack of knowledge, tricking end users into clicking subtly malicious links or opening unsecure attachments. Training can be key for vulnerability management.

Quest has you covered with our automated Cybersecurity Awareness Training program. It teaches your staff how to recognize and avoid cyber threats, and understand how essential they are to your organization’s cyber defense. Cybersecurity Awareness Training also fulfills some industry compliance standards and regulatory demands.

Quest’s Cybersecurity Awareness and Compliance services and solutions deliver a holistic Cybersecurity Software as a Service (SaaS) training solution. This training will equip your employees with the armor they need to handle the front-line attacks that are exploiting the human weakness in IT systems.

Your employees are your most valuable asset and your most significant point of vulnerability. Providing the right training will protect your people and prepare your company to handle any situation properly. Contact Quest today.

What is SIEM, and why is it essential for your enterprise systems?

In today’s challenging cybersecurity landscape, you need to be able to analyze security event data in real time with early detection of attacks and breaches. Early detection leads to a quick response, reducing the impact of cyberattacks.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems offer proven effectiveness in protecting against persistent threats while remaining compliant. Quest’s SIEM service monitors your environment and identifies potential threats and correlated incidents, improving the speed and accuracy of responses.


Quest’s experts handle the day-to-day SIEM operations on a subscription basis and readily adapt to the client environment to deliver the “actionable intelligence” you need.

Reduce your response time and increase your digital security with Quest’s SIEM as a Service. Contact Quest today.

How can your organization prevent the loss of data?

What kind of impact would even a single event of data loss have on your business?

Putting a data protection solution in place is essential. The average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million, according to IBM. And that doesn’t include the negative publicity, regulatory compliance issues, and possible legal liabilities. When disaster strikes, you must be able to discover, monitor, control, and secure sensitive data throughout the environment and in real time.

Quest's Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) is a complete enterprise-class solution that enables you to discover, monitor, control, and secure your data environment-wide, in real-time. It gives you full visibility into file and device activity on endpoints with email encryption that integrates with a broad range of encryption services.

Breaches are inevitable; losing data is not. With DPaaS, Quest will provide the most in-depth data visibility and control to block suspicious insider activity or outsider attacks and secure your sensitive data from getting out of your organization at the most significant point of risk: the endpoint.

Protect your business from data loss with Quest's DPaaS. Contact Quest Today.

Cloud Zero Trust Network Access

Get secure, streamlined remote access for every user, everywhere.

Quest’s Cloud Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) services transform application access. Using a central cloud-based hub, ZTNA offers easy and secure access for your employees, contractors, partners, and suppliers, whenever and wherever they need it. With Quest Cloud ZTNA services, you add next-level security, get full visibility into your security posture, and gain new insights based on user behaviors and access protocols.

Cloud ZTNA
  • Cloud-based, uninterrupted anywhere access to enterprise applications with a single log-in
  • Flexible access protocols ensure fast, secure application access to contractors and other third parties
  • Centralized management and customization make granting access fast and easy
  • Controlling access is easy too, using device, location, and user permissions policies
  • Continuous analysis of user behavior and application access ensures users always get the resources they need
  • Application and adaptive access technologies to keep your applications and network secure

With our experienced team to guide you, Quest’s Cloud Zero Trust Network Access services will quickly streamline remote access for your users while strengthening your security posture.

How can you protect against business email compromises from phishing attacks?

Quest’s Email Security Suite strengthens your defenses with an easy-to-use cloud-based solution that secures and controls inbound and outbound emails. It gives you the tools you need to protect your organization against email attacks through prevention, control, visibility, and education, detecting and defending against phishing while ensuring email continuity. Email Security Suite works with even the most complex enterprise deployments, including cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises installations with virtual or physical machines.

Email Security Suite
  • Multilayered content analysis to protect against both known and emerging threats
  • Threat detection that assesses the reputation of the sender to prevent ever-increasing imposter email attacks
  • Accurate email classifications and quarantines that give you granular control over a wide range of emails
  • Graymail management that reduces inbox clutter and gives users personal control over bulk emails
  • Flexible policy creation supports the demands of some of the world’s largest enterprises with custom rules that can be set at the global, group, and user level

With Quest’s Email Security Suite, you can rest assured that you have the protection you need, with effective, efficient tools to simplify email security management.

What is DDoS Protection, and why is it critical for defending against DDoS threats at all layers?

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can cripple your network, so it’s crucial to have defenses in place against them. A layered security approach combines multiple DDoS mitigation capabilities into one service that prevents disruptions caused by malicious traffic while allowing good traffic through. This keeps websites, applications, APIs, and entire networks up and running with high availability and performance.

Quest’s DDoS Protection services can detect and mitigate DDoS attacks of any size and kind at the network edge, closest to the source of origin. This helps ISPs and businesses ensure that the performance of legitimate traffic isn’t impacted.

With Quest’s reliable infrastructure and experienced team, you’ll be in a better position to deflect even the most severe attacks. And Quest’s DDoS Protection services protect entire IP subnets from DDoS attacks while also accelerating network traffic. You can rest assured that all your network assets, whether on-premises or in private or public-hosted cloud environments, will be safe and secure.

  • Mitigates most attacks in under 10 seconds
  • Detects threats in milliseconds
  • Offers always-on and on-demand options
  • Supports all IP services (TCP, UDP, IPSec, VoIP, custom protocols)
  • Delivers insights with advanced analytics

Quest has the cloud-based network capacity and mitigation capability to neutralize today’s most sophisticated DDoS attacks—all while maintaining network availability.

Quest Cybersecurity Workshops

Quest’s workshops provide you with the opportunity to work closely with our certified IT experts to outline security concerns, review and assess your current security posture, and get intelligent recommendations tailored to your organization’s needs.

These workshops and assessments can be conducted onsite at your location, virtually, or at Quest’s headquarters in Roseville, CA.

Cybersecurity Workshop

There are so many digital threats today: bad actors, viruses, ransomware, disgruntled employees, social engineers, phishing attempts, and more, all waiting to prey on your organization.

In Quest’s Cybersecurity Workshop, certified IT experts will gauge your level of vulnerability to these types of threats—and others. Quest experts will work with you to:

  • Assess your company’s current security posture
  • Identify any unknown vulnerabilities
  • Recommend corrective actions
  • Prepare your organization for the future

Schedule a Quest Cybersecurity Workshop today to develop a plan for a secure future. Contact Quest Today.

Incident Response Case Study

Luxury Resort and Spa

The Challenge

At the height of its peak season, a luxury resort and spa experienced a data breach, and the attackers completely immobilized the resort’s operations. Reservations, customer payments, checking in and out, inventory orders, personal data, communications, etc. were all impacted.

The resort was losing money by the hour.

During the incident, the attackers obtained full access to all servers, frontend and backend systems, code, and documentation on all business processes. The resort lacked in-house security experts, resources, or tools, making it extremely vulnerable and unable to stop the attack.

In desperation, the resort engaged the Quest Incident Response cybersecurity managed services team to contain and remediate the attack.

The Solution

Quest’s certified cybersecurity support experts worked with the client to deploy security technologies, search for the adversaries, identify the mechanisms they had installed, and remove the attackers’ ability to continue proliferating the virus they had installed.

These were persistent adversaries, so Quest worked to stay ahead of them by continuously monitoring and searching the environment for any new incidents. Quest’s priorities included containment and returning primary business units back to operations securely.

Quest installed and deployed cybersecurity tools to provide future protection with increased visibility. Quest also located a broad range of other commodity malware within the infrastructure. Quest made recommendations for infrastructure improvements to provide the resort with higher levels of cybersecurity.

Quest also implemented post-incident forensic and cybersecurity risk assessment activities to confirm the entry methods the attackers had used and better fortify the company’s defense against future attacks.

The Outcome

Quest’s Cybersecurity experts were entirely successful in the containment of the incident and in removing the adversaries’ ability to act on their intentions, prohibiting further loss of revenue and helping to fortify the resort’s reputation.

The resort was able to resume business operations, secure in the knowledge that it was better protected against any future threats. Contact Quest today.

What’s your situation? Quest’s cybersecurity program can help, whether you need to assess your current levels of preparedness or extend your information security operations.

Defend your data, defend your business. Contact Quest today.

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What’s your situation? Quest can help, whether you need to assess your current levels of preparedness or extend your information security operations.

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