Data Protection as a Service

Enterprise DPaaS without the Complexity

Consider the damage even a single event of data loss could have on your business, from direct monetary loss to negative publicity and legal liability.

Protect your business from data breaches, exfiltration, and destruction of sensitive data with DPaaS and cloud disaster recovery services. It’s essential to put a data protection solution in place that allows you to discover, monitor, control, and secure sensitive data throughout the environment in real-time to stop sensitive information from leaving your organization.

Quest’s Data Protection as a Service

Quest’s DPaaS will provide the deepest data visibility and control to block suspicious insider activity or outsider attacks and secure your sensitive data from getting out of your organization at the greatest point of risk – the endpoint.

A complete enterprise-class cloud disaster recovery service, Quest’s Data Protection as a Service gives you full visibility into file and device activity on endpoints with email encryption that integrates with a broad range of encryption services.

Data Loss Prevention
Data Loss Prevention

Quest’s Data Protection as a Service Features

Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and no dedicated resource required • Effective identification, monitoring, and protection of data in use, data in motion, and data at rest • Detection of sensitive content, monitoring of its use on the network, and enforcement of policies to ensure protection • Complete visibility into file and device activity on endpoints • Fast deployment and easy management • Email encryption that integrates with various encryption services • Automatic encryption of sensitive data (HIPPA, PCI, GLBA, etc.) to ensure regulatory compliance • A robust, streamlined feature set focused on solving crucial data leak problems confronting today's organizations • Straightforward policy creation and refinement • Automatic device detection and migration capabilities

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