Product Purchase to Support

Quest (Questsys) is a trusted provider of customized and comprehensive IT solutions, so whether your organization requires updated hardware, advanced security software, or equipment for an office expansion, we can help.

Unparalleled Client Service that Goes Beyond the Point of Purchase

We offer a diverse selection of technology products and software from major manufacturers, but our work doesn’t end after you receive your products. We’re determined to help customers achieve their specific goals through flexible ownership and management options and services for the full product lifecycle.

Our team is redefining client expectations, presenting a much-needed alternative to the traditionally frustrating experience of provisioning products. Quest makes the product procurement and maintenance easier than ever.

7 Valuable Benefits

Utilize Quest for your product needs and get:

1. 24/7 Customer Service

Based in the United States, Quest’s live Customer Care Team effectively eliminates the frustration of unresponsive automated systems. Quest’s Customer Care Team has extensive IT product expertise and serves as a valuable source of knowledge for clients.

2. Skilled Pre-Sales Support

We provide a highly-tailored selection of products suited to your unique objectives and provide support throughout the entire pre-sales process. Get the products you want and the quality care you deserve.

3. Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM)

Ensure operational efficiency and reduce risk to your network while maintaining equipment functionality and continuity. We’ve provided award-winning Information Technology Asset Management for over 20 years.

4. Rapid National Delivery

Quest’s Customer Care Team is adept at full-scale deployment of products over multiple United States cities. We can warehouse products and ship them when and where you need them, so your team can be up and running in no time. Quest’s convenient, customized approach is the best the industry offers.

5. Peace of Mind Monitoring and Patching

While monitoring and patching is a critical aspect of IT security, it can also be a very time-consuming part of your security strategy. Quest (Questsys) offers peace of mind by delivering monitoring and patching as a service.

6. QuestFlex® as an Option for One Monthly Price

QuestFlex is a flexible service-level agreement (SLA) that's explicitly written for your business where you choose the ownership and management options that best suit your organization. With QuestFlex you can be assured that your technology requirements are provided, maintained, and supported as a qualified OpEx rather than a CapEx, freeing up cash for times of economic uncertainty. And you get to specify the requirements, ranging from virtualization, cloud services, storage, servers, network equipment, and VoIP all the way to the complex application environments that power your entire enterprise.

7. Help with E-Waste Disposal and Technology Trade-Ins

Removing old equipment can be time-consuming and expensive. But you don’t have to go it alone - just contact your Quest Customer Care Team to get help with next steps. Whether you’re ready to upgrade or require new equipment, our team members will work diligently to make the process simple and straightforward.

Product Vendors

There’s a better way to Manage your Cisco Gear

As a Cisco Gold Partner with over 30 years of experience helping businesses adapt and thrive, Quest is here to help. By combining smart and foundational services, Quest creates a better way to maintain and manage your Cisco-installed or any manufacturer-installed base and service contracts beginning with our assessment of your existing infrastructure, maintenance contracts, and licenses.

Cisco Gear

Every day, more and more legacy backup customers switch to Veeam®

Why? Because technologies designed for the client-server era cannot deliver the 24/7 availability today’s businesses demand with the ability to restore any IT service running in the hybrid cloud within seconds and minutes. Check out the Top 5 Reasons you need to switch your backup. This quick read will explain the importance of reliability, cost, ROI, recovery times, and efficiency.