Cloud Migration Workshop

As a leading Managed and Cloud Services provider, we have created a Workshop for businesses to assess their current cloud capabilities and identify areas of improvement for cloud backup, security, and disaster recovery.

Quest’s Cloud Migration Workshop will:

Discuss Your Current Environment and Plans

Discuss what workloads or applications should be migrated to the cloud, as well as determine solutions for maintaining security, backup, and disaster recovery services.

Address Potential Cost Concerns

Quest’s Cloud Migration Workshop will review your current plans and answer common questions based on your specific area of focus. Your business and financial goals will be considered to determine the necessary steps and timeline for success in the cloud.

Outline Next Steps

After discussing your current situation, Quest will provide recommendations that include integrated solutions for backup, replication, and restoration from the cloud. We will highlight areas of concern and offer action items unique to your business needs.

Depending on the concentration of your Cloud Migration Workshop, our Cloud experts will:

  • Help identify IT capabilities that can be moved to the cloud or delivered as a related managed service
  • Review level of service availability and possible delivery methods
  • Discuss security, privacy, and compliance concerns and other roadblocks to the cloud
  • Review cost options in the cloud

Gain an understanding of your present situation that will help you make the right business and financial decisions for your organization’s unique cloud requirements.

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How It Works

Once you sign up for the workshop there is a four-step process:


Schedule a kickoff call, establish priorities and preferred dates, determine necessary documents and attendees

Kickoff Call

Introductions, agenda, expectations


Conduct a one-day Workshop remotely or on-site at your location or Quest’s headquarters in Roseville, CA

Final Review

Quest provides Executive Summary including cloud migration planning recommendations and action items.