Managed Detection and Response

Prevent security threats from becoming security incidents. Leverage advanced technology and human expertise to enhance your monitoring protocols and turbocharge your response capabilities.

Secure your data and assets as rapidly as possible

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services offer the fastest and most efficient way to solve your most pressing cybersecurity problems. MDR services accomplish this by allowing you to quickly put a cybersecurity solution in place by providing 24/7 remote network coverage. While it can take months and even longer for you to stand up a security team capable of handling today’s threats, MDR services provide immediate protection.

Reinforce your defenses against the growing cybercrime wave

As cybersecurity threats multiply, it has become virtually impossible for most organizations to adequately provide security with in-house teams. Few have the staffing, expertise, or security tools on hand to smoothly manage their monitoring and alerting operations, much less provide timely response when an intrusion occurs.

Advanced cybersecurity technologies power genuine security


Machine learning technology provides the first layer of a deep view of advanced analytics. And Quest’s detection tools provide the necessary visibility into security events and deliver solid endpoint telemetry, forensic data, and threat intelligence.

Quest’s global network of hardened Service Delivery Centers offers further redundancies that guarantee minimum disruption should a threat become a breach.


Real security experts work directly with your team


Regardless of how sophisticated your layers of automated defenses are, today’s armies of highly motivated bad actors can overwhelm them. Aided by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Quest’s human threat hunters have extensive experience identifying and thwarting the most evasive threats that arise.

Benefits of Quest’s MDR services


  • AI plus 24/7 human monitoring ensure immediate detection
  • Triaging alerts deliver prioritized reports
  • Cybersecurity experts with machine learning tools perform real-time analysis
  • Focused investigation yields actionable threat intelligence
  • Immediate response stops attackers and prevents catastrophic incident
  • Zero trust threat hunting tools protect entire enterprise

Leverage your cybersecurity investment


It’s likely that you have over-invested in automated cybersecurity that is not delivering sufficient returns. There are almost certainly tools in your toolkit that have not been fully deployed because of a lack of time or resources. Quest’s MDR services can maximize your current effort and take it to the level you require.

Work with a trusted cybersecurity partner

As endpoints increase with remote workers and their numerous devices, along with the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), the security that protects these endpoints has grown exponentially. That has resulted in tidal waves of security alerts that swamp your own IT team.

Managed Detection and Response services can free your IT team from dealing with reactive and time-consuming incident response and allow them to do more strategic work. That’s why, in addition to protecting their organizations from potential catastrophe, many find that the benefits of MDR services accrue to their core business and bottom line.

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