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Reliable and Trustworthy Critical Incident Response Team


Experiencing an active threat? Speak with a member of our incident management team at any time. We will provide you with the fastest and most effective course of action.

Quest’s Critical Incident Response (IR) Team responds rapidly, effectively, and routinely to viruses, hacker attempts, disruptions in service systems, etc. When a cyber security incident occurs, we are ready to act in real time, making sure your business is protected.

Quest IR Support is available 24/7 for reactive needs — with a response time within 60 minutes.

Our IR Team is ready to act immediately, effectively, and skillfully in the event of computer system, network, or database threats. Our IR team can help minimize cybersecurity incidents and reduce the costs associated with recovery.

Don't Wait to be Attacked

Get your strategic Incident Response plan in place

Even the best security infrastructure won't prevent all intrusions or malicious acts. Technological advancements make it possible for hackers to employ sophisticated methods of attack at an alarming rate.

The speed with which your company recognizes, analyzes, and responds to a data breach and other computer security incidents makes all the difference in your survivability.

Our goal is to help prevent your company from experiencing the potential financial, professional, and legal damages associated with these breaches. Our cyber incident response services always begin with a thorough incident response capability assessment. We believe that a successful response plan requires comprehensive threat intelligence.

Quest’s Comprehensive Incident Response Approach

Hackers and bad actors find new and devastating ways of infiltrating your network traffic and compromising your data.

With Quest’s proactive Incident Response services and emergency services we’ll help you prepare for, respond to, and recover from a data breach. We have access to a constantly updated set of cyber incident response tools. Our cyber defense specialists will work with you to evaluate your existing plan, develop a new one, and provide an organized and rapid response when you need it.

1. Proactive Planning

  • IR Readiness Assessment and Playbook

2. Service Level Agreement

  • Retainers and Bundled Response Packages
  • Support Remediation Efforts
  • Deploy Quest's Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Containment Tools

3. 24/7 Emergency Response Team

  • Identify
  • Detect
  • Contain
  • Eradicate
  • Recover

Quest’s IR Readiness Assessment and Playbook

Prepare for the eventuality of a cyberattack with a customized IR playbook. Quest’s cyber defense specialists will help create your IR Playbook.It describes the available resources in your organization, the individuals with decision-making authority, the scope of that authority, and the consequences of any decisions they may have to make. This information is vital in the event of an attack.


As one of the most recognized cyber incident response companies, Quest's Readiness Assessment operates using a strategic 4-phased approach:

Incident Response Workshop and Service Options

Incident Response Workshop and Service Options

Managed Security Services Incident Response

Bad actors are utilizing increasingly advanced strategies to infiltrate your network and compromise your data. Quest will minimize response times during a breach and help you defend your environment. And, if you have a cyber liability policy, Quest will work with your insurance company to meet the coverage requirements.

Your Quest IR Team will manage incidents including:

  • Ransomware
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Phishing attacks
  • Malware
  • Fraudulent transfer of funds
  • DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service)

Improve Incident Response Times

Quest’s multi-tiered, strategic IR program enables you to improve security incident response times, effectiveness, and costs. In the chart below you can find a list of the available tiers with a range of options and features suitable for your company.

Incident Response Times

Incident Response Times

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