Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Services

Advanced Threat Protection and Compliance with Managed SIEM

Cybercriminals grow more sophisticated every year. They now favor "slow and silent" data breaches over the "smash and grab" raid tactics used in the past.

Siphoning sensitive information over time can stay hidden from IT and security teams indefinitely. Your business could be suffering from a data breach without knowing it. SIEM cyber security systems have proven to be useful in helping companies. SIEM protects against advanced and persistent threats and remains compliant.

The technology detects threats, attacks, and breaches early, allowing you to analyze security event data in real-time. SIEM services have become one of the go-to cybersecurity solutions in recent years. However, it can be cost-prohibitive and overwhelming to stand up the infrastructure and resources needed. You need managed SIEM to implement, monitor, and manage logs effectively.

Your internal team shouldn’t be overwhelmed with security management. Managed SIEM services can lighten the load. Imagine having top-notch SIEM cyber security without the hassle. Outsourcing SIEM services lets you focus on your business while experts handle your security needs.

Quest Managed SIEM

Quest's managed SIEM as a Service (SIEMaaS) saves you from that infrastructure expense. Managed SIEM improves the speed and accuracy of incident detection. It also improves the response time to targeted attacks and breaches.

You have no software to purchase with SIEM as a Service providers. There’s no need to hire SIEM cyber security professionals with a managed SIEM system. You can avoid the hassle and expense of any additional training to bring your staff up to speed.

Quest managed SIEM experts handle the large-ticket items. As SIEM managed service providers, they also handle the day-to-day SIEM operations on a subscription. The Quest team adapts to your environments. They deliver the genuine "actionable intelligence" necessary to understand your threat posture and prioritize response quickly.

Quest's Managed SIEM Features

Quick and easy detection of new threats • Real-time event log correlation • Integrated compliance management • Augmented threat intelligence • Network device auditing • In-depth application auditing

Quest can also customize your SIEMaaS solution with these options:

Log storage services beyond the 1TB that is included • Data replication (second copy) services • Configuration of backups and endpoints • Security, firewall, and ACL configuration review • Incident response (IR) and remediation services • Data and/or application migration services

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