Quest at a Glance

With over 30 years of experience, Quest (Questsys) works seamlessly with your staff, systems, policies, and procedures to achieve your IT goals.

Why Quest?

Augmented by our multi-disciplinary teams of professional services consultants, project managers, designers, engineers, and product specialists, your needs come first and your ongoing success is our top priority.
That’s why our first question is: How can we help?®

Quest’s Approach

Trusted IT Integrator with the ability to navigate the complexity of multiple technologies

Quest’s expertise helps you connect network compute, data, applications, APIs, and devices to your business uses in order for you to thrive. It is the key to your organization’s productivity, scalability, and agility. Quest (Questsys) delivers unmatched benefits with successful methodologies and strong vendor connections, allowing you to adapt to industry changes and market shifts.

Highly Qualified IT Experts

Whether you need servers migrated, cloud environments integrated, or security assessed, Quest can help. Our highly qualified and certified IT professionals provide flexible, customized guidance and support for your team’s objectives.

Commitment to Customization

Quest offers a wide-ranging Professional Services portfolio emphasizing technology customization, an extensive vendor neutral technology services skillset, and an ability to respond quickly with impressive depth of expertise.

Comprehensive Quality Processes

Our continuing investment in infrastructure, quality frameworks, and rigorous client satisfaction assessments has produced a solid track record of project execution within budget.


What if for one monthly price, you could ensure that your IT services were provided, maintained, and supported? We offer an innovative service level agreement (SLA) that does just that. Result: faster time-to-market, easier scalability, and higher performance, reliability, and security.

Global Reach

Quest operates a network of 24/7 Service Delivery Centers (SDCs) across North America, Europe, and Asia. All Quest SDCs use state-of-the-art technology and meet the highest possible safety and security standards.

Quest’s headquarters

Quest’s headquarters is located in our High Availability Business Center (HABC) in Roseville, CA. With more than 120,000 square feet, it is one of many worldwide Service Delivery Centers (SDC) across three continents.

What Quest’s Customers Say

About Testimonial Quotes3

“It is always a pleasure to work with the entire Quest team at all levels, and they definitely demonstrate the goal of being there to help.”

Sr. IT Services Manager, Financial Software Provider

About Testimonial Quotes2

Not a single issue occurred during our move to the cloud, which is unheard of.”

CTO/CIO, National Telecom Provider

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“Quest is with you for the long haul. Plenty of businesses talk about relationships, but Quest lives it every day.”

Tech Support Manager, Regional Bank

Our Portfolio

Cybersecurity Services

Staying secure is a process. Knowing the threats you face and how to protect yourself against them is the best way to keep your organization’s information safe. Quest’s commitment is to help you by establishing and maintaining comprehensive digital security.

Managed and Cloud Services

Expertise without the overhead. We understand that you don’t want to be mired in the details of IT management, security, and data storage. You want to move your company forward, which means concentrating on core business activities. With Managed and Cloud services, Quest can help you do just that.

Disaster Recovery

Unplanned disruptions or disasters are inevitable, whether it's a system failure, cyberattack, or weather-related event, your business is vulnerable. Maintaining a business continuity and disaster recovery plan and processes is crucial for your business' survival. Quest is committed to helping you avoid a loss with our BC/DR planning services, backup and recovery solutions and business resumption facilities.

Professional Services

Quest offers a wide range of staffing, IT consulting, implementation, and project management services. Let the highly trained Quest teams help your business get on the right track with your next project or supplement your IT team. Feel confident delegating critical projects to people you can trust.

Infrastructure Services

Quest offers a fully integrated approach to a broad spectrum of access controls, communications, and network solutions. Through consultation, system design, installation, and deployment services Quest will help maximize your business' security and communications infrastructure.


Enjoy a diverse selection of technology products and software from major manufacturers in addition to products as a managed service in the cloud, on-site at your office, or at one of our global Service Delivery Centers. We provide products as well as valuable benefits, including but not limited to, pre-sales solution support, maintenance contract management, and customized monitoring and patching options.

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Top Cloud Services and Solution Provider in North America, and multi-year winner of CRN’s Triple Crown Award