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Does your organization need a virtual CISO?

Cybersecurity has become a core concern in recent years for any organization that deals with sensitive information. With large-scale cyber attacks in the news practically every month, more and more companies have determined that they require the services of a highly experienced security expert. This has resulted in a relatively new executive-level position: the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). These are folks with enterprise-level experience who, as officers of the company, make certain that security is embedded into the mission and day-to-day operations

Tim Burke

Application Security Scanning Can Save Your Business

Web and mobile applications are everywhere, connecting us to our digital world. These applications drive just about everything we do online, from login pages to shopping carts, webmail to content management systems, and much more

Tim Burke

What to know when moving your business to the cloud

If you are a business leader or an IT professional who has not yet begun the process of moving your organization to the cloud, it’s likely that you are considering doing so. The first thing you need to know is that cloud services are a different species of technology than traditional enterprise IT infrastructure. In most cases, that means a move to the cloud cannot be safely executed or supported by traditional IT organizations.

Tim Burke

5 critical ways you can help prevent a DDoS attack (and recover faster)

While all cybersecurity threats are on the rise, one form of attack has a long history of wreaking havoc. The first-ever distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in 1974 was the work of a 13-year-old student. In 1996, DDoS was first used as a commercial weapon when New York-based internet service provider Panix was targeted by a hacker using a spoofed IP address to overwhelm the company’s servers with fake “synchronize” packages. These early DDoS attacks function much like the modern versions, shutting down your network, servers, or sites by sending vast amounts of data that overwhelm targeted systems.

Jon Bolden

10 Tips to Keep Your Email Secure

For cybercriminals, email scams and attacks, including phishing and malware attacks, are some of the oldest tricks in the book—and they are still extremely effective. In fact, eight out of ten successful hacks and data breaches start with phishing scams.

Tim Burke

No Application is an Island

When it comes to getting the DevOps help you need, you may be tempted by vendors offering low prices, typically because they have a narrow, app-only focus.

Maybe this will work for you — if you already have the resources necessary to ensure that the application being developed plays well with the rest of your IT infrastructure.

Tim Burke

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