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Five key differences between business continuity and disaster recovery

A disaster recovery plan is just one part of a comprehensive business continuity plan. The former focuses on the restoration of IT infrastructure and operations after a catastrophe, while the latter addresses your organization’s ability to sustain operations in the face of disruption.

Tim Burke

How to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly

In today’s business world, any interruption of IT infrastructure can be extremely harmful to business. That’s why it is necessary to have cutting-edge technology deployed and maintained by folks with deep expertise and up-to-date knowledge in a number of areas.

Tim Burke

Logging vs. Monitoring: Why You Need Both for Optimal Application Performance

When it comes to optimizing application performance, logging and monitoring are two halves that make a whole. In the processes of application architecture, deployment, and management, logging and monitoring offer two varying methods for evaluating app performance. Using each technique, you can ensure that the application meets all expectations for availability, performance, and cyber security.

Jon Bolden

What are IT Infrastructure Services?

With the correct equipment and attention to detail, a fully optimized audio-visual (AV) solution can facilitate collaboration and productivity. As the technology tools we rely on become more powerful, we find we are able to do more and work faster.

Tim Burke

5 Cybersecurity Solutions that Every Organization Needs

A solid cybersecurity strategy is a must – but figuring out exactly how to start building one can be a challenge. Odds are, you’re already well-aware that your organization needs a cybersecurity solution. But when it comes time to actually develop a well-rounded cybersecurity plan, what should your top priorities be?

Jon Bolden

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