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Email is still the favorite attack vector for today’s cybercriminals. While the most common email threats are malware and spear phishing, there are plenty of others to fear, including zero-day malware attacks. And attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, fooling even the most cautious users. Protecting your organization means taking your email security to the next level.

That’s where Quest’s Email Security Suite comes in, strengthening your defenses against threats like imposter email, phishing, malware, spam, and bulk mail. Email Security Suite works with even the most complex enterprise deployments, including cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises installations with virtual or physical machines.

Protect Your People, Data, and Reputation

Quest’s Email Security Suite gives you an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that helps you secure and control both inbound and outbound emails. With Email Security Suite you can be confident that your organization is protected from threats while ensuring email continuity, even if disaster does strike.

Detect and Defend Against Threats

Email Security Suite gives you multiple layers of protection to accurately detect threats—including malicious content and malware. Email Security Suite uses signature-based detection to recognize and prevent known threats, while utilizing dynamic reputation analysis to continually assess local and global IP addresses, determining whether to accept, reject, or throttle specific email connections. Email Security Suite even detects threats that don’t involve malware—including credential phishing and imposter email—by assessing the reputation of the sender and analyzing hundreds of thousands of email attributes.

Take Control of Your Email Security

Email Security Suite makes it easy for emails to be accurately classified and, if needed, quarantined. You also get simple graymail management tools, flexible policy creation capabilities, and protection against email threats and other unwanted messages in just about any language using multilingual analysis. By dividing incoming mail into separate quarantines by type, you gain granular control over all kinds of emails, including spam, phishing, imposter email, malware, bulk email, and adult content. And you can help cut inbox clutter by giving your users personal control over bulk emails, using Big Data analysis to accurately identify graymail and then deliver it to a separate, low-priority inbox.

Create Flexible Policies

Email Security Suite supports the demands of some of the world’s largest enterprises because it gives them complete flexibility to create custom rules at the global, group, and user level. With deep content inspection, it’s easy to enforce unique acceptable-use policies.

Ensure Email Continuity

If you’re moving to cloud-based email platforms like Microsoft 365, service outages can bring your organization to a screeching halt. Email Security Suite lets your users continue to send and receive emails, even when servers aren’t available. That always-on capability means important messages can get through, so your business doesn’t miss a beat. When email service is restored, Email Security Suite syncs all sent and received emails back to the server.

Get Visibility into Your Email

Email Security Suite gives you the data and search tools you need to manage emails more efficiently. That includes advanced message tracing that uses a high-performance search engine to help you quickly locate hard-to-find log data and real-time reporting for detailed visibility into mail flow and trends that help you proactively address issues as they emerge. Email Security Suite gives your people self-service control over their email preferences, including quarantines, safe and block lists, and bulk mail delivery. You can even control whether users can opt in or out of various spam policies.

Educate Your People

Quest can help train your employees so they have the necessary tools to effectively handle the front-line attacks that will continue to be thrown their way.
With more than 90 percent of successful hacks and data breaches starting with phishing scams, we help you build a human firewall with proven teaching tools that empower your people to be part of the solution.

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