Help Desk Support Service

As your IT infrastructure grows and gains complexity, timely and efficient support may be too difficult to maintain in-house. How do you ensure that your employees and users receive the level of technical assistance they require to remain productive on a daily basis?

Quest can help.

Quest’s Help Desk Support Services provide skilled IT support from certified, front-line technicians. Our U.S.-managed team has the expertise to troubleshoot a multitude of technical issues from password resets and printer access to network connectivity, enabling our clients to lower their IT operations costs and minimize hassle.

7 reasons clients have chosen Quest’s Help Desk Support services:

  1. On-site IT department was overwhelmed with volume of tickets
  2. Metrics were taking a hit: response time, abandoned calls, first call resolution
  3. Company was decoupling and needed to stand up a new help desk
  4. Couldn’t cope with the costs associated with high turnover rate and continuous training for help desk resources
  5. Didn’t have time to source staff with broad expertise able to address various technology requests
  6. Needed the flexibility to provide after-hours support for end users
  7. Service desk tools were becoming too expensive

Our Approach

Thanks to decades of experience and a substantial team of experts, we can onboard an organization in minutes and immediately provide support to users 24/7. With Quest’s Help Desk Support Services, your IT staff and infrastructure can stay focused on core business objectives without getting bogged down by support quagmires.

Our two-level approach ensures efficient troubleshooting and easy escalation as necessary.

Level 1 incorporates a call answering service, after-hours user interface, troubleshooting, and call logging using a populated knowledge base to resolve an incident at first point of contact. This level incorporates remote control resolution and includes support for Windows and Apple desktops and laptops, as well as triage for other user device support. When a call can’t be resolved, Level 2 provides additional troubleshooting and a pre-defined escalation process by which the issue is elevated to a qualified expert.

Help Desk Support Services:

  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices
  • Round-the-clock support by certified technicians
  • Access to the eSupport portal for easy reporting
  • Choice of multiple service offerings
  • Customized, dedicated Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) phone line with an optional script
  • Call-dispatch capabilities for on-site repairs
  • 8 to 5 or 24/7 service levels available

Whether fulfilling all of your technical support needs or supplementing your existing IT support team, we’re committed to maintaining quality customer service and high service-level metrics.

With Quest’s Help Desk Support, you can keep your tech support costs predictable and your IT staff focused on core business and development projects.

Contact Quest today.

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