Business Continuity

The Importance of Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is crucial, especially in today’s turbulent world. Every company is vulnerable whether the disaster comes in the form of a natural catastrophe, human error, or cybercriminal activity.

According to Gartner*, leaders should "Integrate BCM [Business Continuity Management] across the entire organization to ensure that business-led recovery time expectations are aligned with supplier capabilities and IT disaster recovery resources.”

A strong business continuity strategy and plan provides for an effective response and enables an organization to remain operational during a crisis while minimizing the risks of extended downtime and the business impacts of financial, data, and reputational loss with key stakeholders.

A Comprehensive BCP Means You Can Resume Business Quickly

After a disaster, getting back to business is top-of-mind. Your BCP strategy should direct your company's response to the initial crisis, address provisions for safeguarding your data and your network, and outline what steps you need to take to quickly resume business operations.

Taking the time to analyze your organization and develop a strategy to keep the company running in the event of a disaster will pay off. Building organizational resilience and having a plan of action in place will stand you in good stead should the inevitable crisis occur.

But it's not easy to carve out the time to develop a BCP or even know where to start the process. And that's where Quest comes in.

Quest will help you determine the scope and breadth of your BCP and identify primary business areas and connected dependencies. As part of Quest's BC consulting services, our team will work with you to calculate acceptable downtime and develop a strategic BCP that meets your company's specific needs.

Business Continuity Expertise

Put Quest's Business Continuity consulting experience to work to get the job done, and done right.

Quest's expert Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity team will analyze your business-critical functions and evaluate your current infrastructure and business procedures. We’ll work with you to establish acceptable Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and develop a strategic BCP - a customized plan for operational resilience that will help get your organization through a crisis and back to business.

Quest has you covered.

If disaster strikes, you need a safe and secure physical location to stage your business resumption activity. Your company's survival may depend on having the ability to resume operations quickly and safely in another facility. A short drive from any major Northern California airport or metro city, Quest's Business Resumption Center (BRC) and High Availability Business Center (HABC) are strategically located in seismically stable and secure areas - well above the flood plain, clear of mudslides and forest fires, and far enough inland to be sheltered from extreme weather.

Quest's HABC and BRC open floor plans can be configured for private or shared office space on up to fully appointed command and control centers, all outfitted with workstations and phone systems. Both buildings are monitored 24/7 and feature robust infrastructure and network equipment to meet your organization's needs.

Our experts will work with you to build a business continuity strategy and plan and provide the solutions and secure physical space to minimize the potential impacts that threaten your organization’s resilience.


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