A Guide to IT Professional Services

The Challenges of Technology

It can feel impossible to stay abreast of changing technology, manage IT activities, and secure your company’s network all at the same time. You may feel like you need assistance—but you need to be discerning when you look for help.

If your department takes pride in modeling a culture of innovation and taking advantage of the best in current and emerging technologies, you should hire people with experience beyond simple onboarding, entry-level tech support, or product training. Finding skilled and cost-effective additional staff is imperative.

This is where IT Professional Services shine.

What are IT Professional Services?

The term Information Technology Professional Services describes a broad range of IT consulting services that can include application development, IT staffing and placement, project management, email migration, cloud migration, and technical support.

Businesses use IT professional services to augment existing staffing levels, locate and hire experts in specific areas, and manage migration or other technical issues where high-level expertise is needed. Sometimes, an IT professional services tech is exactly what you need.

IT Professional Services Overview

How do IT Professional Services benefit my organization?

Your company may need additional staff to facilitate ramping up due to increased business or to supplement an existing team where particular expertise is required. It can be hard to determine if you would benefit more from managed services vs professional services, but Quest can help.

Many organizations find using IT support professional services helps them stay within tight budget parameters or finish multiple projects with short timelines. Some companies call on professional service technology providers for help with IT staffing and staff augmentation.

Quest’s IT Professional Services cover a wide range of staffing, IT services, and project management solutions. Let the highly trained teams provided by Quest help your business get on the right track with the following services.

IT Professional Service Team

IT Professional Services

What are Application Development Services?

Application Development Services describes the outsourced work done by expert IT consultants and programmers hired by businesses and organizations to develop software or mobile applications. Application Development Services can range from building web solutions and mobile apps to enhancing and supporting existing applications.

Application Development Services encompass the entire lifecycle of an application, from initial concept and planning to deployment and ongoing support. IT solutions for professional service providers can help throughout, or at any stage of the process.

How can I use Staff Augmentation Services?

IT Staff Augmentation Services can help you by filling job openings for contract workers, providing staff augmentation for projects, and supplying talent for direct hire or temp-to-hire opportunities in your department. Some staffing providers even handle placements of high-level senior IT positions that can be difficult to fill.

If you need IT consulting, professional services providers typically have pools of technical talent with whom they've worked over a period of time, so they are better able to source quality top talent in short timeframes than non-specialist recruiting services.

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Is it a good idea to outsource project management?

Businesses outsource project management roles for reasons ranging from supplementing existing staff levels and bringing in high-level talent or industry-specific experience to cost considerations and timeframe concerns. Your company may find that bringing in an outsourced project manager provides an array of benefits that can justify the decision. Outsourcing project management also means you can hire professionals when time and budget permit and scale back when necessary.

The benefits of working with outsourced project managers from an IT professional services company can include cost-savings, high-level and project-specific expertise, certifications, and more. Current trends show steady increases in the use of outsourced project management roles.

How do I manage my company's email migration?

Depending on your company's situation, you may benefit from working with a tech firm that has experience managing email migrations. Email migration can include security concerns and potential setbacks without oversight from experts.

Many organizations hire specialists who understand the software and infrastructure issues that can go hand-in-hand with an email migration.

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What is included in Cloud Migration?

Each cloud migration is different and depends on the specific needs and objectives of the organization planning to move to the cloud. Most companies work with experts to manage their migration, beginning with an evaluation of their existing infrastructure, business goals, budgets, and other vital information.

Quest can provide expert assistance and support, whether you need help migrating to the cloud, protecting and backing up data, or even cloud-enabling your applications.

What is Technical On-Call Support (TOCS)

Quest's unique Technical On-Call Support services provide 24/7 access to expert technical support. We'll onboard your organization before you need assistance, ensuring ease of escalation and valuable savings whenever your team needs a little extra help.

Quest’s certified TOCS technicians save you valuable time, money, and resources. They offer not only ease of escalation but instant access to the Quest TOCS expert toolbox.

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IT Professional Services Workshops

In addition to our professional IT consulting services, Quest's Workshops provide you with the opportunity to work closely with our certified IT experts in our professional services team to outline your infrastructure and cloud concerns, review and assess your current environment, and get intelligent recommendations tailored to your organization's needs.

These workshops can be conducted onsite at your location, virtually, or at Quest's headquarters in Roseville, CA.

Cloud Migration Workshop

Quest’s Cloud Migration Workshop provides customized recommendations to help validate your current plan or highlight problem areas. After reviewing your environment and business requirements, our experts offer a list of action items to help you implement the best-suited solution.

IT Professional Services Case Study

Case Study: Wholesale Outlet

When the decision was made to ditch the old, hard-to-use system for a friendlier VoIP capability, Wholesale Outlet also signed on to Quest’s Technical On-Call Support (TOCS) services. For Becca Schmidt, Administrative Director, the technical knowledge that Quest provided was key.

“We’d used Quest’s professional services for a number of years, calling ad hoc when we needed assistance,” Becca explains. “For our VoIP project, we wanted Quest involved in every stage, and their TOCS services provide a cost-effective way for us to get help whenever we need it from engineers who are knowledgeable about our situation.”


Case Study: Samuel Merritt University

Every IT migration must be justified. For Marcus Walton, Director of IT Infrastructure at Samuel Merritt University (SMU), storage constraints and the need for a better collaborative environment stood out as the key drivers for a migration to Microsoft365.

"Using resources from Quest, we evaluated every aspect of our infrastructure that Microsoft 365 would touch," Marcus says. "And we discovered areas we hadn't considered that would have caused big headaches. But with resources from Quest we were able to correct, proactively plan, and execute with confidence."

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