Technical Program Management and Consulting

Bridging the vital connection between IT and physical infrastructure for large-scale technical projects.

When it comes to large-scale technical projects, results matter — but so does the process used to get there. These projects require deep expertise and experience, along with a comprehensive and well-orchestrated approach. Quest Technology Management’s Technical Program Management (TPM) solution helps companies handle the complexities of unifying systems and providing onsite resources.

Our technical program management and technical consulting program experts provide comprehensive planning and support for even the most complicated IT projects, managing every aspect from the initial concept to completion. These services form a vital connection between IT and physical infrastructure, translating your project goals into a detailed, customized plan that our team of skilled professionals will carry out on your behalf.

We’ll tap into our extensive experience and industry skillset to handle it all:

  • Due Diligence (pre-M&A) review
  • Monitoring
  • Coordination
  • Technical components
  • Vendors
  • Architectural firms
  • Contractors
  • General contractors
  • Project tracking
  • Budget tracking
  • And more

IT leaders use our TPM services to represent the IT department during the construction of new HQ buildings and new regional branch offices, office reconfigurations, and subletting of excess office space. Although this service is largely focused on the design and construction of data centers, structured cable plants, MPOEs, MDFs, IDFs, and more, it can be tailored to suit virtually any project type.

Ultimately, the Quest Technical Program Management solution eliminates time-consuming stressors, streamlines processes, and delivers top-quality project results.


Seamless Project Planning and Execution, Managed by Our Skilled Professionals

When your organization partners with us, we will bridge the gap between ideas and execution. Your team will be able to break free from the burden of a project’s minute details and turn the task over to our dedicated professionals.


A Roadmap to Success

Two decades of experience and optimization contributed to our one-of-a-kind approach to technical program management, and we take great pride in the efficacy of our process. From day one, we will serve as the connection between your IT staff and design and construction vendors.

You will regain the time and resources to focus on your business, while our experts take care of all project details. Combining best practices from both waterfall and agile methodologies, we propel your project toward completion while consistently prioritizing your needs and goals.

Our approach to IT construction and infrastructure projects can be organized into five key phases:

  1. Discover: Identify your key goals, project requirements, and preferences
  2. Plan: Devise clearly structured plans that map a clear path to results
  3. Design: Address all details of the technical space, including power, cooling, cabling, etc.
  4. Install and test: Complete installation and test all elements, including cabling, equipment, WAPs, UPS/PDUs
  5. Completion: Wrap up the project and finalize all documentation


A Scope of Work That Leaves No Detail Behind

Our technical program managers take on every aspect of a project, so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you are in the best of hands.

Depending on your needs, we have the technical program management skills to handle these tasks and more:

  • Collaborating with the project team to develop a schedule and budget
  • Reviewing architectural plans and creating low-voltage CAD drawings, including details for supporting networks, Wi-Fi, security, video conferencing, and more
  • Developing and managing RFPs, bid leveling, vendor selection
  • Leading on-site and/or page-turn meetings with contractors/vendors
  • Coordinating all vendor schedules
  • Representing the project team at all design/construction meetings
  • Communicating with general contractors, HVAC professionals, electricians, and other tradespeople
  • Providing direct oversight of contractors’ work
  • Confirming all rough-in infrastructure is to code
  • Managing scheduling, reporting, and other project details
  • Managing all punch list items
  • Producing closing documentation


A Team Trusted by Leading Businesses and Organizations

With decades of experience and a proven track record of success, we have effectively navigated a diverse range of projects for well-known organizations such as

  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • One Medical
  • Motorola Mobility
  • Dropbox
  • OKTA
  • Square
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Arista Networks

Our past projects have included IT infrastructure, design, and construction across multiple business locations worldwide, with goals that ranged from headquarters establishment to global expansion.


Custom-Built Solutions Based on Your Needs and Goals

From small, regional offices to multi-year, multi-floor headquarters, our builds run the gamut from basic to incredibly complex. And no matter where you are in the project process, from learning the basics of technical program management to ready-to-build, we are prepared to develop a flexible, tailored technical program management framework that exceeds your every expectation.