Cloud Zero Trust Network Access

Overwhelmingly, 97% of employees say they want to continue to work remotely to some degree. You can no longer be certain that every device that connects to your network is authenticated and behind a firewall.

Traditional security approaches take advantage of your organization’s firewall, filters, and other security measures by sending all data via a backhaul connection through a virtual private network (VPN). With remote employees, partners, suppliers, and third-party contractors needing secure access to applications, the traditional approach doesn’t work anymore. What you need is Zero Trust Network Access  (ZTNA),
a cloud-based, multi-level security model. ZTNA falls under the highly-effective secure access service edge (SASE) security model.

Count on secure, streamlined remote user access

Quest’s Cloud Zero Trust Network Access (Cloud ZTNA) services give you a smarter way to grant private application access to your users, whenever and wherever they need it. With Cloud ZTNA you get an easy to use, easy to manage solution that secures every endpoint in your network.

Zero Trust: Secure, anywhere, anytime access

Quest’s Cloud ZTNA services ensure frustration-free access across your enterprise, eliminating delays due to inability to access applications and multiple log-ins. Your users get uninterrupted cloud-based access with a single log-in, anywhere in the world. That keeps your people productive. Even better, with Quest Cloud ZTNA services you can easily grant access to third-party contractors, suppliers, and partners anytime.

Quest Cloud ZTNA services also keep you in control with tailored device, location, and user permissions policies, all managed from a single, central hub. No more tunnels, agents, appliances or other VPN inconveniences. And access policies are continuously adapted based on external threats, user context, device posture, and more. Even better, continuous analysis of user behavior and application access opens a window into new insights for data-driven innovation.

Mitigate Security Risks: Quest Cloud ZTNA services reduces the number of exposed attack surfaces, hardening your defenses. Cloud ZTNA also predicts and immediately responds to potential threats with virtual patching, shielding security flaws until the code can be updated.

Reduce Costs: With Quest Cloud ZTNA services access is based on policies. That cuts IT costs by eliminating time-consuming manual provisioning and deprovisioning. And with Cloud ZTNA you can replace your legacy tools with a single, cost-effective solution. No more time spent on updates, patches, and upgrades. Best of all, Cloud ZTNA bolsters your security posture, reducing your exposure to the huge potential costs that follow a successful cybersecurity attack.

Improve Productivity: Wherever your users are—and regardless if they are employees, contractors, or other third parties—Cloud ZTNA makes application access easy. The time these people once wasted fussing over finding their way to applications and resources becomes a thing of the past. And, because you can easily grant or remove access privileges, collaborations with partners and others is streamlined, so things get done faster.

How Cloud Zero Trust Network Access services work

Quest Cloud ZTNA was engineered by experts who understand the security challenges you face. And we know how to help you overcome them. Our team’s deep experience and extensive knowledge ensures you get the reliability, performance, and flexibility you need.

  • Context Enrichment: Data is constantly collected based on a wide range of parameters, then analyzed to provide complete context for each access session.
  • Protocol Validation: Application requests are automatically analyzed at the protocol level. Only well-formed requests are delivered, protecting sensitive resources.
  • Continuous Authorization: Behavioral and context data for each user powers intelligent decision making for modifying individual permissions—from the app level to specific actions—in real time.

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