Password Management

as a Service (PWMaaS)

A comprehensive privileged access management (PAM) and monitoring system delivers enhanced protection, convenience, and control including password management. Quest’s Password Management as a Service (PWMaaS) solution helps keep your passwords, sensitive digital assets and data safe.

Advanced Password Protection, Generation, and Analytics

Reduce the risk of weak or compromised passwords with Password Management as a Service, an innovative new addition to Quest’s CyberDefense Suite. The cloud-based platform implements encryption and two-factor authentication to safeguard password information, providing you with the essential tools to effectively manage organization-wide credentials and proactively increase security.


Password Management as a Service Overview (PWMaaS)

  • Encrypted Password Vaults

  • Administrator Console

  • Auto-Generated Complex Passwords

  • Zero-Trust Environment

  • Real-Time Security Audits

  • BreachWatch

Endpoint Device Protection

Encrypted Password Vaults


Implement a separate, fully encrypted vault for each employee for secure password storage, protected by two-factor authentication. The cloud-based platform is OS and device independent, ensuring that authorized individuals can access essential information whenever necessary.

Email Security Protection

Administrator Console


Reporting, auditing, and analytics/MDR integration capabilities are intuitively organized in a user-friendly console, streamlining security procedures, and putting a proactive approach within easy reach.

Firewall/IDS/IPS Monitoring/Alerting

Auto-Generated Complex Passwords


A single weak password can put your organization’s most valuable data in danger. Password Keeper automatically generates appropriately complex passwords quickly and effectively, preventing the common mistakes that can be exploited by threat actors.

Firewall/IDS/IPS Monitoring/Alerting

Zero-Trust Environment


Lock down the internal control environment with strict enforcement policies and event reporting.

Firewall/IDS/IPS Monitoring/Alerting

Real-Time Security Audits


Harness the power of data analytics via security audits that provide details of the password strength and date of the last password change for every relevant site. Receive an overall score to inform improvement efforts, using your knowledge of existing password issues to target critical areas.

Quarterly Vulnerability Scan



See exactly where your organization’s biggest risks are located, including specific information about data breaches and each user’s weak points. Benefit from clear, actionable steps to rapidly resolve at-risk records to eliminate vulnerabilities before they’re spotted by cybercriminals.


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