IT Asset Management Services

The right asset management system could save your business up to 30% in the first year* – that’s a savings you can’t afford to miss.

The asset management process can be complex and overwhelming, even for an experienced IT team – but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of struggling to sustain your current approach, your business can streamline your efforts and eliminate unexpected expenses, expired contracts, and unnecessary risks. With Quest’s IT asset management software and services, you can implement strategic decision-making, minimize the total cost of ownership, and navigate every stage of the asset lifecycle with ease.

It’s not a question of working harder to implement the best practices of asset management; it’s simply about working smarter.

“From our IT management to our CFO, we are so relieved that Quest keeps us informed and on top of multiple contracts. It makes a world of difference to be able to save time and headache by sourcing all contract renewals directly from Quest.”Chief Procurement Officer, Regional Health Systems firm

Why is IT Asset Management (ITAM) so important?


For the modern-day business, IT assets are every bit as valuable as physical and financial assets like stocks, bonds, and real estate – but are your digital assets getting the same level of professional attention when it comes to management?

As our world becomes increasingly technology-driven, many organizations are struggling to effectively manage a rapidly-expanding inventory of assets. Too many IT teams are drowning under the demands of software license renewals, new acquisitions, asset records, and more.

And yet, proper IT asset management has never been more important. From maximizing efficiency to reducing risk, the process of managing IT assets has become so much more than simply keeping track of a handful of software licenses.

How can a smarter Information Technology Asset Management service benefit your business?


Investing in an outstanding asset management service is the key to moving your business forward into the future of IT. Forget the convoluted spreadsheet systems and failed attempts to stay on top of countless end dates, and leave the accidentally-expired contracts and hours of lost time behind.

IT asset management services can help you break free from the endless list of tasks, putting you back in control and letting you take a proactive role in the management of every asset’s lifecycle. You’ll save time, money, and stress, relieving you of a burden that you might not have even realized was weighing down your business.

But not all management services are created equally: choosing a provider that can rise to the challenge of meeting your business’s unique needs makes all the difference.

Quest IT Asset Management Services


Quest’s advanced portal technology and expertly-engineered services are exceptionally customizable, making it easy to address both your business objectives and your current IT challenges – all while staying within your budget.

Quest understands that in the world of IT, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all.” That’s why our dedicated support teams are here to assist you with the setup of the service tool that is the perfect fit for your business. And if you need additional assistance at any point in the process, you can count on us to be available to jump right in.

The purpose of our asset management services is to bring clarity to the complex, then give you the benefit of business insights and process management capabilities that include:

  • A single source for all your renewals in one coterminous end date
  • A user-friendly, read-only and read/write portal that delivers custom reporting, end-to-end lifecycle tracking, and so much more
  • Intelligent analytics and data auditing
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and order tracking
  • Smart account management
  • License optimization and planning
  • Audit risk analysis

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