A Guide to Infrastructure Services

Why should I outsource my IT Infrastructure projects?

Infrastructure Services Overview

You’re well aware of the time-consuming and labor-intensive challenges inherent in staying up-to-date with the technology your organization depends on. Deploying and managing the servers and hardware, network access points, and security features like firewalls and monitoring solutions is a lot, not to mention staying abreast of upgrades and making sure everything works well together to keep your network running and your company’s data secure.

Infrastructure Services

Consider this.

A growing number of organizations find outsourcing some or all of their IT Infrastructure Services beneficial. Outsourcing provides a high level of flexibility, access to new technology, and contact with trained experts with certification and years of experience.

Outsourcing Infrastructure Services from an expert service provider levels up your company’s IT performance, manages costs, helps you stay abreast of your competitors, and allows your workforce to focus on other business-critical assignments.

Infrastructure Services

Audio Visual (AV) Optimization

What are the benefits of outsourcing Audio Visual (AV) optimization?

As the number of remote workers continues to grow, so does the need for easy-to-use AV solutions that will transform a space into a collaborative and productive area. Many businesses find the costs associated with the hardware and other technology prohibitive and struggle with the complexities of installation, operation, and maintenance.

Finding a company with expertise in quality AV integration and a broad range of vendor relationships will facilitate the conversion of your chosen space into something that answers your organization’s needs.

Look no further. Quest will work with you to design the specifications, select the appropriate technologies, and manage installation, support, and maintenance.

Where should we start when building out a new wireless network?

As with so many things, the best place to start is at the beginning.

This means assessing your company’s requirements, objectives for the new network, budgets, number of people accessing the system, and, of course, your existing IT infrastructure.

With that information in hand, you can start to develop a plan for implementation. Many organizations find that bringing in experts to manage the planning and subsequent installation helps avoid incurring increased costs, additional labor charges, wasted time, and frustrated users.

Quest has a proven track record and our team of wireless networking engineers and support specialists understand both wireless technology and the complete network infrastructure.

What services are typically included in Physical Security?

As a full-service infrastructure provider, Quest offers consulting, design, installation, and support for a broad range of cutting-edge technology to monitor and protect your property. We begin by providing an overall assessment of your current setup and after evaluating any surveillance and access control vulnerabilities, we share findings, prioritized by risk level, and then work with you to develop and install the appropriate physical security controls.

Physical Security

Our experienced physical security consultants will develop comprehensive customized systems that integrate with your existing infrastructure working with the following technology:

  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Biometric Integration
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intercom and Paging Systems
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • Perimeter Security Systems
  • Mass Notification
  • Mobile Security
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Video Analytics

What does network cabling and wiring entail?

Your phone system, computers, printers, wireless access points, video surveillance, paging systems, and alarm system are all networked and connected by cabling and wiring. This physical network layer is one of the most important segments of your IT infrastructure.

The success of your network depends on a carefully planned implementation from the start. Your cabling and wiring must be done correctly to avoid interference issues with voice and data connectivity.

When undertaking a network cabling and wiring project, we will start with a site assessment to gather the facility and business compliance requirements. As a reliable partner, we are experienced in flexible voice and data cabling installation and can provide ongoing support and exceptional maintenance after installation.


How do I improve telecommunications?

Businesses and communities are relying on connectivity like never before. Teleworking, telehealth, and distance learning are not possible without fast, reliable broadband, and the economic benefits of these capabilities are immediate and sustained—so much so, that municipalities, institutions, businesses, and the telecommunications industry are working towards bridging any and all connectivity gaps.

Planning and installing the optimal communications network for your environment requires a blend of technical understanding of telecommunications construction with business, regulatory, and engineering experience. You will find all those qualities and skills with Quest.

Quest’s people are trained, we are fully insured, and compliant with state regulations. We also have many years of experience handling permitting as well as working with city and state authorities and utility providers.

Infrastructure Services Assessments

Quest’s Assessments provide you with the opportunity to work closely with our certified experts to outline your physical security, audio visual, and wireless concerns, review and assess your current facilities and infrastructure, and get intelligent recommendations tailored to your organization’s needs.

These Assessments are conducted at your location.

Audio Visual Assessment

Robust AV capabilities are critical in today’s business climate, whether you’re brainstorming with work-from-home staff, meeting with customers, or giving a presentation to vendors and company stakeholders. Quest can assist in designing and delivering simple, easy to use, yet highly functional meeting spaces and conference facilities to meet your needs.

As part of the assessment, Quest’s AV consultants will work with your team to:

  • Determine concept and functionality requirements of existing and/or future facility spaces
  • Identify AV must-haves as well as the current system’s advantages and shortcomings
  • Interview IT and facility representatives as well as end-users to ensure that recommendations specifically suit your business
  • Physically evaluate spaces in which system(s) are to be deployed in order to make appropriate suggestions for hardware and cabling systems

Schedule a Quest Audio Visual Assessment and be on your way to achieving optimal features and performance.

Wireless Review

Despite all the advances in Wi-Fi, it’s surprising how often deployments fail due to poor planning or not conducting a Wireless Review to identify potential problem areas. This can lead to increased costs for additional access points, more cabling, additional labor costs, poor user experience, and wasted time.

Our Wireless Review is designed to help plan and bolster wireless IT infrastructure that supports your business requirements for voice, location-based services, data, and multimedia applications. We’ll analyze your environment to better understand the radio frequency performance, check for interference, and determine the most appropriate locations to place wireless antennas and access points. We’ll also adjust the scale and intensity of the review to meet your specific needs and budget.

Schedule a Quest Wireless Review today and get a wireless solution that suits your business.

Physical Security Assessment

Whether you’re looking to protect your employees or facilities, or both, our Physical Security Assessment will review your surveillance and access controls to determine how secure and effective your system really is.

Based on the priorities you identify, our security experts will work to:

  • Identify exposed areas supporting critical business operations
  • Examine existing and potential sources of threat or failure, including physical location and hardware/software controls
  • Evaluate coverage goals and equipment/connectivity requirements
  • Outline areas in need of technology upgrades or deployment

Armed with thorough recommendations and practical options, you’ll gain insight into your unique security challenges and how to resolve them so that your assets are protected.

Schedule a Quest Physical Security Assessment today to fortify your site’s access control and video surveillance systems.

What's your situation? Quest can help, whether you need to secure your physical location or build out a new wireless network.

Maximize your business' physical security and communications. Contact Quest today.