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Archived Cybersecurity Blogs

Logging vs. Monitoring: Why You Need Both for Optimal Application Performance

When it comes to optimizing application performance, logging and monitoring are two halves that make a whole. In the processes of application architecture, deployment, and management, logging and monitoring offer two varying methods for evaluating app performance. Using each technique, you can ensure that the application meets all expectations for availability, performance, and cyber security.

Jon Bolden

5 Cybersecurity Solutions that Every Organization Needs

A solid cybersecurity strategy is a must – but figuring out exactly how to start building one can be a challenge. Odds are, you’re already well-aware that your organization needs a cybersecurity solution. But when it comes time to actually develop a well-rounded cybersecurity plan, what should your top priorities be?

Jon Bolden

5 Elements to Include in Your Incident Response Plan

Creating a well-structured incident response plan is critical, but also complex. When the unexpected happens, an incident response plan propels your team into action – but do you have a plan that addresses everything it should?

Jon Bolden

Secure Video Conferencing: Dos and Don’ts

Perform a detailed video conferencing security assessment to ensure your virtual meetings are safe and secure.

It’s been some time now since we all had to begin holding every one of our meetings online, and I’m afraid many organizations are not paying sufficient attention to video conferencing security

Jon Bolden

Why Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks Have Become More Dangerous

How much risk can you endure if you are hit by a Distributed Denial-of Service (DDoS) attack? Assess your current situation now. Over the past month, I worked with both the FBI and the California Highway Patrol on a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack against an organization. This has become such a common problem that the FBI’s cyber task force is starting to lean on other agencies that have the capability or resources to help. In years past, DDoS attacks were

Jon Bolden

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