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5 Reasons to Choose an All-Encompassing IT Solution Provider

Most executives think of their Information Technology as just one element of their business, when their IT department is, in fact, the crucial underpinning allowing them to fulfill their mission. When it comes to IT solutions providers supporting those efforts, business leaders sometimes employ a strategy more arbitrary than a deliberate, orchestrated approach—going to one provider for telephones/VOIP, another for cybersecurity, a third for virtualization, servers, and network equipment, and so on.

Tim Burke

AV Systems Design for Effective Business Communications

You already know that effective meetings are central to your organization’s success. For most businesses today, many meetings are remote, and good AV systems design can be a force multiplier—dramatically improving every meeting’s efficiency, sparking creativity, and delivering results to your bottom line.

Tim Burke

The Number One Reason Companies Fear Cloud Migration: What’s the Truth?

Fear is a primitive emotion—a survival response that evolved to keep us out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, fear can also prevent us from taking necessary steps that appear risky. For example, many business owners and CEOs know they should be migrating their technology management to the cloud but resist because they fear such a move threatens their organization’s security.

Tim Burke

How Cloud Backup Services Can Help With Disaster Recovery

Every day, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created. That’s 2.5 followed by 17 zeroes—a lot of data—and all of it is more valuable, and more vulnerable, than ever before. As a result of these hard facts, disaster recovery needs to be part of every organization’s workflow.

Managed cloud backup services and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offer you a sure way to get that done, so you can protect your data and your company without distracting yourself or your team from your core mission

Tim Burke

Empowering Your App Modernization Strategy with Robust Security

A deliberate deployment of cloud computing technology is a good way to give your IT infrastructure the speed and responsiveness required by today’s heightened market expectations. Please let me take a few minutes to explain how we can provide your organization the agility, security, and resilience that comes with modern application architecture.

Tim Burke

How to manage digital transformation and maintain true cybersecurity

For a rapidly growing number of companies and organizations, digital transformation is creating powerful opportunities. That is beneficial and highly reasonable – but business leaders need to understand that pushing more of your assets into the digital environment adds a whole new dimension to your risk.

Tim Burke

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