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AV Systems Design for Effective Business Communications

You already know that effective meetings are central to your organization’s success. For most businesses today, many meetings are remote, and good AV systems design can be a force multiplier—dramatically improving every meeting’s efficiency, sparking creativity, and delivering results to your bottom line.

Today’s audio visual systems incorporate technologies that had evolved even before so much business communication became dispersed and remote. That technological evolution has accelerated. With the right combination of this generation of AV system components, you can equip your team with the tools they need to avoid the condition we now call “Zoom fatigue.”

A robust and well-integrated AV systems design can steeply increase business efficiency by facilitating clear internal communications among all of your teams and divisions. Similarly, a good AV systems design helps business productivity by eliminating the disruptions that are inevitable with poor equipment. 

Why AV Systems Design is Important

With a properly designed AV system, the audio and video equipment—microphones and cameras—are selected specifically for your organization’s various meeting spaces, and then positioned to deliver a professional look and feel. This is enhanced by proper acoustics and lighting. Presentation screens and collaboration tools can be customized for various spaces. The backend infrastructure that powers and connects everything to your network, delivers a seamless work environment. 

There are AV design solutions for every meeting space.

  • Conference and training rooms

Be sure that the offices where your teams gather to connect, communicate, and collaborate are customized to your specific needs. This is likely an instance where guidance from an AV service provider is well worth the spend. 

  • Classrooms and auditoriums

Over the past couple of years, teachers have learned that there are technological challenges to holding the attention of all the students in a classroom. That is doubly true in a larger space such as an auditorium. A high-quality AV system design can make an enormous difference in both classrooms and auditoriums, which obviously have different requirements. There are a number of vendors who have built technologies specifically designed for these applications.

  • Boardrooms

It is sometimes the case that there are specific requirements for the spaces where boards of directors, residents of the C-suite, and senior management gather. For example, there may be a need for heightened security, or simply a desire for greater audio/video fidelity. 

  • Huddle Rooms

Recently, a study quoted in the Wall Street Journal found that 73% of business meetings involve only two to four people, but 53% of conference-room space is built for meetings of seven or more. If your organization has already discovered the productivity benefits of the huddle room, an AV services provider can help you turn it into a space wired for productive communications.

  • Command and Control Centers

Not that long ago, a command and control center, also referred to as a situation room, was associated primarily with military and government agencies. Today, police and fire departments, transit systems, utility companies, and universities utilize these secure rooms, equipped with technologies that can allow any organization to manage distributed operations.

The AV systems available for today’s command and control centers include functional design that carefully considers the physical positioning of data displays, lighting, and furniture. Of course, every part of the command and control center’s environment can be securely integrated with your IT infrastructure.

  • Open and outdoor spaces

Even outdoor spaces can be optimized for clear communication in your AV systems design plan, with tech solutions including digital signage, video wall processors with multi-view technology, and distributed audio amplification.

As with everything, to be certain that your AV system is specifically suited to your organization’s needs, be sure and work with an AV services partner who can make vendor-neutral recommendations, and one that can ensure that your AV system is absolutely secure.

A Custom-Design for Effective Business Communications

When you equip your organization to communicate effectively in today’s business world, you will be purchasing some of the most powerful communications tools ever built. While you can make sure that your ROI will be significant, setting up modern, technology-equipped meeting spaces—or business communication centers—is not cheap. Designing and deploying this equipment correctly can be another force multiplier. 

Excellent AV systems design is more art than science. The only way to get very good at creating truly inspiring meeting spaces is practice. That’s why working with an expert AV services provider with extensive audio/visual, security, and collaborative systems experience is crucial. An experienced provider can improve effective business communications with meeting environments that are secure, and work seamlessly whether you have distributed, remote, hybrid, or on-prem employees.

A final note: One important consideration you should not overlook before you allow a visitor to use the software on their tablet to share a slide deck across your AV system involves licensing and other legal requirements. An experienced AV services provider can readily help you navigate this challenge and for that matter, all your software and cloud services licensing.

I hope you found this information helpful. As always, contact us anytime about your technology needs.

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