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Clarity with Cloud Providers

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How are your customers planning for their migration to the Cloud? Can they compare Cloud pricing and solutions using their REAL infrastructure data? Can your customers compare against actual performance issues? Can they identify the appropriate workloads to move? Can your clients test their workloads in the Cloud? Do they have an infrastructure performance profile for their workloads? Can your customers visualize application and server dependencies of workloads?

Most businesses do not or cannot get these things today. Visibility is the key to accurate planning with your customers.

Quest’s CloudScape Assessment can set you apart from the crowd, by answering all of the questions above.

Quest’s CloudScape Benefits

  • Usage based pricing could save your customer 66% on their deployment
  • Accurately identify the proper workloads to move, stop using assumptions
  • Opens up opportunity to discuss IaaS opportunities
  • Dynamically visualize all dependent servers and applications to accurately plan for Cloud

Why You Should Get Started Today

  • Puts you in the drivers’ seat during the Cloud conversation
  • Quest does all the heavy lifting, you get the SPIFF
  • Opens up the conversation to discuss Cloud service opportunities

Quest’s CloudScape Assessment gives your customer the ability to accurately visualize requirements, confidently map application dependencies and reliably expand their environment into the Cloud with confidence.

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Adam Burke is Quest's Vice President of Sales and Partnerships.
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