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8 IT Tips for Better Customer Resilience

8 IT Tips for Better Customer Resilience

Have you noticed how customers are talking more about risk these days? Not surprising, given the spectacular nature of recent hacks and immobilizing disasters. Yet, all forms of risk that threaten your customers’ environments and reputation are only part of a much larger problem which you can help resolve. Begin by strategizing with your customers using these key tips:

 8 tips for better resilience
  1. Identify the organizational and technological factors that will make their business resilient,
  2. Determine how to measure those factors so you can build appropriate metrics into their key performance indicators (KPIs)
  3. Discuss real-time monitoring and alert systems that measure performance and security stance, and flag issues ASAP
  4. Review procedures for evaluating technology innovations to determine whether your customers business should adopt them and how
  5. Enable decisions based on reliable independent data
  6. Build robust technology alliances that protect your customers confidential data and enable you to collaborate effectively
  7. Practice for disruption with regular and realistic testing of business continuity plans — and keep in mind that such recovery plans may be less useful than the ability to create dynamic, impromptu plans in response to unanticipated situations—leadership is key
  8. Promote customer leadership to help employees during disruptions—without a well-trained and enabled workforce, your customers cannot expect to sustain a resilient business

Given today’s fast-changing and multi-layered technology landscape, you may well need expert help on your client’s journey to resilience. A trusted technology advisor with extensive, vendor-neutral experience in security/privacy, business continuity/disaster recovery, compliance, and crisis communications can be a great ally. Get started with a complimentary Risk Management Workshop from Quest. Or reach out to your Partner Account Manager today at . You’ll be glad you did!

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