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What you need for successful customized app development

Customized App Development by Quest

These days, a successful app saves time and enables quick and easy access to its features. It’s available anywhere and at any time with relevant contextual experiences. It allows your customer to control the interaction and offers both flawless uptime and minimal power use.

And perhaps most critically, a successful app fits both your business and your customers like a glove — something that requires app customization.

As I delineated in my last post , the payoffs can — and should — be substantial. Customized mobile apps in particular lower costs, improve employee productivity, and significantly strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Required: strategic leadership

It’s easy to underestimate what’s involved in creating successful customized apps in a timely fashion.

A customized app development effort entails mustering and deploying a broad swath of management and technical skills. Building successful customized apps also requires more strategic leadership than you may expect.

Prerequisite: the right operating environment

Customized apps often force organizations to look long-term and adapt their technology ecosystems to function in a mobile world that’s dependent on deep interconnections between domains and unprecedented integration.

Minimally, this means:

  • Fielding both a robust data management architecture and a programmable application networking platform in which control is centralized;
  • Integrating mobile capabilities into your enterprise applications;
  • Providing visibility into app performance;
  • Ensuring scalability on demand and an ability to quickly roll out changes;
  • And keeping your technology ecosystem secure.

Fortunately, these are not wheels you need to reinvent. Achieving such capabilities has never been easier with the right managed cloud services and technology consulting.

A strategically-planned, forward-looking technology ecosystem enables you to push for the operational agility that comes from creating and deploying today’s simpler, more modular customized apps.

A partnership of core competencies

Don’t be surprised, however, if you find your organization comes up short on some of the wide-ranging skillsets essential to the nitty-gritty of customized app development.

This is not a bad thing. Quite the contrary.

Your employees’ core competencies — which aggregate into an irreplaceable expertise about your business — give you the power to figure out the specifics of what your business needs going forward. Who else, for instance, can identify which customized app features will grant you a real competitive edge?

Armed with such knowledge and a trusted partner’s technology consulting experts, you can determine which app features and deployment processes will best serve your business.

I recommend, as you venture toward customized apps, that you seek a technology consulting partner with sufficient breadth and depth to assess your technical requirements in the context of your business needs, recommend viable alternative solutions, and then deliver the capabilities you choose.

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Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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