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What Cloud Computing can deliver — Part 2, on better security and compliance

How Cloud Computing Delivers Improved Security and Compliance

The centralization of apps, data, and management that’s an essential part of well-conceived and well-managed Cloud environments also helps make them more secure. Why? Because security policy is easier to enforce, threats to apps and data are easier to detect and address.

Since Cloud data and apps are centralized in a data center , it’s actually easier (as compared to traditional siloed IT infrastructures) to establish effective security policy, monitor compliance, and intervene quickly and often preventatively when there are issues

And since no data is stored on end-user devices, should a device fail or be lost or stolen, data remains safe and secure in the Cloud.

Finally, host Cloud services providers invest in and maintain leading-edge security technologies and capabilities, and employ experienced security experts who spend all their time keeping the Cloud infrastructure protected — unlike many in-house IT infrastructures, where security is often more haphazard.

The right Cloud infrastructure can aid compliance efforts, too.

In a traditional heterogeneous IT environment where, typically, multiple instances of the same data resides in siloes, enforcing compliance policy and tracking down the information required for compliance is often difficult and sometimes impossible.

By contrast, well-constructed and well-managed Cloud environments function as centralized, 24/7 application and data repositories, so enforcing compliance policy and retrieving compliance-related data is straightforward, making compliance stronger and auditing easier and more efficient.

Next time, I’ll focus on one of the most important capabilities a good Cloud infrastructure can deliver: Capabilities that help managers and employees work smarter.

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