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Want to know what a disruptive technology in action looks like?

Guy looking at cloud shaped like an arrow.

A recent issue of InformationWeek pooled data from an assortment of that publication’s own surveys to offer some insight into the current state of Cloud use by IT shops. We also get a few hints about both the degree and direction of Cloud momentum and its power as a disruptive technology :

  • 11% of IT departments have a major Cloud implementation in place [Global CIO Survey, February 2012].
  • 20% have a formal company policy to evaluate Cloud options for any new services or systems; 27% prefer to use the Cloud [Cloud ROI Survey, November 2011].
  • 25% of IT departments use infrastructure-as-a-service (servers or storage) [Cloud ROI Survey].
  • 26% plan a major Cloud implementation this year [Global CIO Survey].
  • 38% of those using or evaluating the Cloud express concern about runaway costs if a service scales up unintentionally, such as by error or mismanagement [Cloud ROI Survey].
  • 40% say flexibility to meet new business needs is a top infrastructure requirement [2012 State of the Data Center Survey, April 2012].
  • 58% expect demand for data center resources to increase somewhat compared to last year, while 15% expect a significant increase — but 38% say budget constraints are the major trend impacting data center operations [2012 State of the Data Center Survey].
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