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Mobility and the Cloud: Untethered at Last

Laptops flying through the Cloud

Sleek new devices like the mini iPad and Windows Surface promise to add even more momentum to the already headlong rush into business mobility and BYOD that will, according to market researcher IDC , have more U.S. Internet users accessing the Internet through mobile devices by 2015 than through PCs or other wireline devices.

And it’s all made possible by Cloud computing infrastructure, without which business mobility would remain a hassled tangle of siloed applications, data, and communications services.

Worker mobility has increased dramatically because it’s become so easy to pull your personal desktop image/profile from a Cloud for use on a wide range of mobile devices from anywhere within range of a 3G wireless network. Thus far-flung workers and offices can be connected easily and in ad hoc ways to function as a cohesive, responsive unit able to share and synchronize emails, files, and calendars.

Wherever you are, you can collaborate far more effectively and creatively with colleagues and interact with customers more efficiently, since you can access and work with files in real time without the hassle of endless emails and attachments.

And once untethered, it’s a whole new ballgame for all of us…

  • Businesses need less office space, so office costs can be reduced,
  • Less time gets wasted on commuting to offices employees no longer need means more time for work (and family and play…),
  • Mostly this adds up to more positive and profitable interactions with customers and prospects,
  • Cloud computing enables even the smallest business to employ home-based workers, afford small branch offices, and deliver seamless customer service, and
  • Using a Cloud infrastructure means all these capabilities can be achieved without significant (or, in some cases, any) capital investment.
Meet the Author
Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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