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Get ready for the zettabyte networking era

Cybersecurity in 2019: Not in Kansas anymore

Many new technologies hold promise for your business —mobile devices, cloud computing, virtualization, big data, the Internet of Things — but they also pose challenges to your enterprise network’s performance and your ability to conduct effective network performance monitoring.

Often this is because many enterprise networks are based on outmoded models that result in performance bottlenecks as network traffic increases.

An explosion of IP traffic

And, IP traffic is exploding . It’s expected to grow by 23% a year through 2019, when it will reach 168 exabytes per month — more than double the current 72.4 exabytes per month.

Source: The Zettabyte Era: Trends and Analysis, Cisco, 2015

Meanwhile , average fixed broadband speed will also more than double — from 20.3 Mbps in 2014 to 42.5 Mbps in 2019, at which point 53% of Internet traffic will come from WiFi and 14% from cellular connections.

Adapting your enterprise network

Clearly, enterprise networks need to adapt.

This requires more than simply checking network availability – you need to ensure that your network can deliver business-critical applications and services to employees, suppliers, and customers connecting from anywhere and anything. Your network must also integrate isolated networks (e.g., wired, WiFi) and manage legacy and virtualized servers and applications.

Addressing requirements like these begins with advanced 24×7 network monitoring solutions that ensure better handling of network performance monitoring tasks.

Network performance monitoring: What you really need

To keep your network and your business thriving, look for:

  • Application-aware network performance monitoring that conducts deep packet inspection and analysis so you get visibility into the performance of applications and services
  • Network monitoring solutions offering proactive capacity forecasting, alerting, and reporting based on actual usage and dynamic baselines rather than guesswork
  • Network monitoring solutions with dynamic real-time maps, including wireless network heat maps, so you have a simple visualization of performance metrics and link utilization
  • Network monitoring solutions providing intelligent topology-aware alerts with downstream alert suppression to reduce unnecessary alerts and speed up troubleshooting

With the projected growth in IP traffic, now is not the time to wait for your network to get into a tangle . Quest offers everything you need for leading-edge network performance monitoring.

What’s more, we can test the connectivity, protocols, bandwidth, and overall performance of your existing network so you get real data in addition to a series of specific recommendations. With this information, you can decide what makes sense for your organization today and for the future of your business network.

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Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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