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Is your network management ready for the hyperconnectivity juggernaut?

Cybersecurity in 2019: Not in Kansas anymore

As I noted in my last post, increases in both computing devices and IP traffic volumes put new demands on enterprise networks — and alters what’s required to manage those networks effectively. This juggernaut of hyperconnectivity is already underway:

  • By 2018 , the average person will have five network-connected devices and networks will host four times more data traffic than they do now
  • By 2019 , global per capita Internet traffic will stand at 37 gigabytes, up from 15.5 GB per capita last year

Adapting your network and how you manage it

Of course, adapting your network to handle oncoming technologies and usage starts with optimizing what you have now and planning a path toward what you’ll need tomorrow — and how you’ll manage it all.

Reactive to proactive. Among the most imperative capabilities in today’s network management solutions and network management services: Shifting from reactive, often manual, availability management to proactive performance management.

A VoIP network. These days, networks can incorporate IP-enabled voice communications. A high-speed broadband VoIP network offers a whole new set of powerful, money-saving, productivity-enhancing capabilities.

But, like any other data network upgrade, a VoIP network requires planning, and is best deployed after careful assessment of your current network by experts who understand such issues as security, quality of service, etc.

Automating network management. Without automating much of your network management, you’ll struggle adapting your network to changing demands .

These days, network management solutions and network management services can improve network agility and reduce costs by automating discovery, configuration, root cause analysis, auditing, compliance analysis, and response to well-known issues and problems, and more.

Customizing your network management. Given the complexity of data networks – which will only intensify – network management is necessarily complex, too.

As advanced integration and automation technologies become part of your data network, you’ll likely need to customize them to optimize your network’s performance while controlling costs.

When multiple networking vendors are involved, as they often are, you’ll benefit from the skills provided by a vendor-neutral technology partner able to customize bundled network management solutions and network management services.

Should you outsource your network management?

Unless your IT staff includes networking experts, bringing in a trusted network services provider to monitor and manage your network can save you plenty of time, money, and hassle.

The time to prepare is now, because hyperconnectivity waits for no business.

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