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Does Your Cloud Provider Care About You?

Hybrid Cloud by Quest

Offloading your IT functions to a cloud service can be an immense relief.

The day-to-day operational hassles belong to someone else. Dashboards and web portals make it much easier to track network and application performance, even if you’re lounging by a pool somewhere. When you need to scale up or down, there’s an app for that. The security of your data is in the hands of well-trained experts using sophisticated tools. Time for another mojito.

Sounds great — but it all depends on the cloud provider you chose.

Do you want a provider with a rigid menu of options from which you tick off a few boxes and then hope and pray as you pay the monthly bill that what you’ve bought actually meets your requirements?

Or would you prefer a provider able to help you assess what you really need and then configure a customized solution comprised of cost-competitive, leading-edge technologies and services?

Do you want a cloud provider offering the sort of 1-800-Help Me client service that has you explaining your situation from scratch every time you call?

Or do you seek a provider that assigns you a dedicated account manager who knows your name, your company, and your unique operational challenges?

If you’d like to really enjoy that mojito, take the time to find the cloud provider that cares about your needs — and your future.

Meet the Author
Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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