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Are you buying a service — or an illusion?

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Imagine discovering that for the last 12 months none of your company data had been backed up at your designated co-lo.

Worse, you only found this out because your corporate site has suffered a catastrophic failure. All your data has been lost — and you have no way to retrieve it.

You’re outraged, of course, and you want answers. How could your co-lo provider fail to back up your data? What about your provider’s vaunted disaster recovery service? Who is responsible for allowing this to happen? 

Sadly, in this case, the blame rests with the company that lost its data, not with its co-lo provider. Why? Because of the mistaken assumption that disaster recovery services were automatically included in the co-lo agreement.

This type of disconnect between what a company thinks it’s buying and what it actually purchases has never been more prevalent than it is now.

Over and over again, we hear stories from businesses that signed on to a managed or cloud service believing they’d automatically get the capability they were seeking. And believing their service provider would be there with whatever assistance is required to ensure everything goes smoothly.

But for many technology service providers, little or nothing is automatic and ongoing support is meager because they operate on a transactional sales model — i.e., sell you and sayonara.

To ensure your interests are actually being looked after, choose a technology partner with a business model
based on building a genuinely long-term relationship with you.

Meet the Author
Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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