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Are the applications you use endangering your business? A look at the solution

Application security scan

Hackers have many ways to exploit even the smallest vulnerabilities in your application environment and too often you’re compromised even before you grasp that there’s a problem.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. The solution is an application security scan conducted by a services provider adept at dealing with issues related to application development, support — and, of course, security.

An application security scan from such a provider will identify potential security threats and arm you with the tools you need to tighten your defense against intrusions . A well-done scan will reduce data loss, downtime, and improve productivity. What’s more, because it helps protect you from security breaches, an application security scan from an experienced, competent services provider can augment your compliance management program.

Look for a provider who will conduct this scan at no charge by scanning one of your applications to help identify any security gaps and vulnerabilities. Once completed, your provider should review the report with you and go over any vulnerabilities that may be evident. An expert provider who has performed this type of security scan for plenty of clients can help you gain insight into the vulnerabilities in the applications you’re running.

Here’s what to look for in an application security scan:

  • Crawls and indexes site like a search engine
  • Performs additional discovery on the site (extraneous content, known vulnerabilities, etc.)
  • Conducts a wide variety of tests — known vulnerabilities, protocol, malformed packets, known framework issues, injection testing
  • Parses out input fields for injection testing
  • Tests your software from the hacker’s point of view
  • Understands how to automate the actions of ethical hacking
  • Finds the bugs efficiently and effectively

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