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Are the applications you use endangering your business? A look at the problem

application security

With all the security your IT operations (should) have, you’d think this question would be moot — but it isn’t. The applications your business and your employees rely on could be time-bombs poised to destroy your ability to function.

That’s because the vast majority of applications used in business today are connected to the Internet, often in a variety of ways.

Some business applications run in the Cloud , uploading and storing data on an ongoing basis. Others use the Internet in more limited ways — some only connect to the Internet to supply registration information or to allow for troubleshooting and updates.

So here’s the problem: Any time and every time there’s a hook into the Internet, there’s also an opportunity for hackers to take advantage of that hook and compromise your data. And the highly dynamic nature of web applications increases the volume of security threats and creates new challenges for security and compliance management.

So what’s the solution? An application security scan .

In my next application security post , I’ll explain what app security is, and list the features it should have so you can make sure your application services provider has what you need to keep your business applications safe.

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