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4 best practices that help your clients find the right IT talent

Today’s quickly evolving IT skillset s – software/web development, data analysis, IT security, IoT, etc. – can be hard to come by. More than 60% of IT execs say they face challenges attracting appropriately trained and experienced IT professionals . Nearly a quarter seek the skills necessary to upgrade existing systems, while 22% need expertise in keeping systems and data secure.

Adam Burke

Helping your clients toward IT resilience

Now that a hefty majority of enterprise systems, applications, and workloads are considered mission- or business-critical , discussions about business continuity and disaster recovery focus on IT resilience architectures employing multiple geographically-distributed data centers that use live application failover to prevent downtime.

Adam Burke

Getting your clients on the road to business resilience

Despite all the (deserved) attention given cyberattacks, 82% of unplanned downtime can be attributed to application failures, hardware failures, or operational errors – at a time when 64% of business data and systems are considered either mission-critical or business-critical . No wonder 80% of organizations now demand a minimum of 99.99% availability – i.e., just 4.33 minutes of monthly unplanned downtime.

Adam Burke

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