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5 tips to help your clients get the most out of their SLAs

Like it or not, as your clients deploy cloud services, they also have to contend with service level agreements (SLAs) – those pesky but essential documents that lay out the particulars of the IT capability they’re buying.

Adam Burke

Your clients need IT support for a world full of wicked problems

Just as your clients’ IT infrastructures have become more complex, as have the problems these infrastructures now address, likewise the technical support needed by your clients’ users has also become more complex.

In fact, for a while now IT infrastructures have been moving beyond complicated to address wicked problems that, in turn, trigger new problems and conflicts between people, processes, and technologies.

Adam Burke

PaaS — a platform for digital transformation

To meet today’s ever-expanding range of digital needs, cloud capabilities are available in many flavors as enterprises move into a cloud-first mode that includes working with two or more cloud providers — something that 81% of public cloud users say they’re already doing.

Adam Burke

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