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Five IT staffing agency capabilities that can help your clients

IT staffing agency

If you’re boosting your IT staffing this year, you’re not alone: more than one in five small companies and nearly 40% of large companies are increasing IT staff in 2019.

For good reason, too. Organizations of all sizes are facing the kinds of information technology challenges that, left unmet, can threaten an enterprise’s ability to survive.

top IT challenges 2019

While these technology challenges can mean many things and require a wide diversity of IT talent to address, your clients are competing with, well, everyone to get the IT expertise they need.

This includes the service providers (cloud platform, consulting, telecom) that employ about a third of all tech workers, the software and hardware companies attracting some 8% of all tech workers, and the large corporations that pay median tech salaries as much as 50% higher than small outfits.

Engaging the right sort of IT staffing agency becomes critical as your clients seek people with both the technology skills they require and the sensibilities and attitudes that fit their business.

These five capabilities are essential:

In-the-trenches grasp of leading-edge technologies

An IT staffing agency that’s also a provider of cloud, managed, and professional services and operates a global network of data centers is, ultimately, already in the business of finding and fielding the best in IT expertise.

Ability to understand both technology and business needs

A willingness to take the time to understand both a company’s business and technology requirements enables the right IT staffing agency to help your clients find people with the IT skills their operations require.

A long-established network of IT experts

An IT staffing agency with decades of relationship-oriented networking among a vast array of IT experts all over the world can offer your clients a deep pool of IT talent that’s available in a full range of ways, including as direct hires, consultants/contractors, staff augmentation, and/or temp-to-hire.

Moreover, because this sort of IT staffing provider also offers a wide range of technology consulting services across virtually all industry sectors, your clients can choose a customized mix of staffing and consulting solutions to meet their IT requirements.

Excellence in candidate screening

Of course, it’s critically important that any IT professionals your clients bring aboard have been thoroughly screened.

The best way to do that is via an IT staffing agency with IT engineers who conduct one-on-one candidate interviews customized to your clients’ requirements, examining every candidate’s technical knowledge and expertise, their certifications and other credentials, and their professional experience, aptitudes, references, and attitudes.

Affordability — and speed when your clients need it

The right IT staffing agency will offer your clients competitive rates and know how to respond with customized, flexible staffing solutions — including the ability to speed the on-boarding process to as little as two weeks, or even an immediate placement.

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