IT Project Management and Support Services

You may be inundated with projects right now. You often are. Those projects require management by someone with experience across a wide swath of IT (Information Technology) specialties—someone you don’t currently have on your team.

Or, you might need to supplement your team with an additional full-service project manager to see things from initial concept to completion, but you may have cash flow constraints. Outsourcing your project management and support roles could be the answer you’re seeking.

Project Management Calls for Specialized Skills and Abilities

You wouldn’t trust this work to just anyone. You have specific goals for your project and it needs to be completed on budget and on time. Finding a project manager with the skills and certifications needed to successfully execute your project can be time-consuming.

You want your project manager to possess at least the following skills and competencies:

  • Technical expertise: understanding the technical aspects of the project and the technology being used.
  • Agile methodology: knowledge of agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban and the ability to apply them to the project.
  • Project planning: ability to develop and execute project plans that align with the business objectives.
  • Risk management: the ability to identify, assess, and manage project risks related to technology, software, or data.
  • Resource management: the ability to allocate resources, including personnel, hardware, and software, effectively.
  • Stakeholder management: the ability to communicate with stakeholders about project progress, timelines, and potential issues.
  • Change management: the ability to manage changes to the project scope, timeline, or requirements.
  • Budget management: the ability to manage project finances, including forecasting, tracking, and reporting.
  • Quality management: the ability to ensure the project meets quality standards and deliverables meet the expectations of stakeholders.
  • Collaboration and teamwork: the ability to work with cross-functional teams and foster collaboration and communication among team members.

In order to confidently outsource your project manager roles and focus on your other high-priority work responsibilities, you will need to find multi-faceted technology consultants with process-based project management-specific certifications, expertise, and keen attention to detail.

Outsource to Project Management Services Experts

Quest can help. Our project managers ensure strategic business alignment by maintaining a high-level view of project elements.

Our expert project managers have deep industry and role-specific experience with thousands of hours of project and risk management experience across multiple implementation, migration, and project domains.

Our project managers work closely with our engineering and technical teams to understand the technical nuances of a project, allowing them to successfully communicate the project to stakeholders.

Many Quest project managers have Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile certifications, plus a variety of other certifications held in topics like project management, project management methodologies, application development, cybersecurity, end-user training, and cloud computing training.

You can use Quest’s Project Management services for as long as you need them—ramping up during busy periods and cutting back as budget or workload dictates.

Complete projects on-budget and on-time with Quest.

Quest's Project Management Services Include:

  • Process-based Management
  • Rational Unified Process
  • PERT and/or CCPM
  • Event Chain Methodology
  • Planning and Design
  • Project Managers and Support Staff
  • A Robust Project Management Framework
  • Technology Consulting
  • Security Policy/Audit/Forensic
  • Enterprise Design and Management
  • Application Profiling
  • Wireless Design/Assessments
  • Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • Microsoft Architecture and Integration
  • Project Management
  • E-commerce Development

Skip the lengthy process of finding that perfectly matched project manager. With Quest, you can hire experienced project managers within days, not months.

Contact Quest today.

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