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SASE Approach to Private Application Access and Security


Enterprises still lag in delivering private applications to remote employees and third-party contractors due to legacy security and access methods. Some businesses bring their legacy apps to the cloud, but these ‘cloudified’ apps still tend to underperform.

Gartner’s cloud-delivered Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) model consolidates network and security services to increase the speed and agility of business while simplifying and reducing the complexity of security and access.

Cloud zero-trust network access delivers a whole new approach enabling SASE that makes private app access amazingly simple. It securely connects end-users to private apps while avoiding the unnecessary complexity of legacy VPNs, agents, or appliances that carry high cost and risk overheads.

Download the SASE Approach to Private Application and Security whitepaper to learn how to securely deliver private apps to anyone, anywhere over any network connection.

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