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What’s in Store for 2013 and Beyond: Cloud HD Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing examples for conference room, office and mobile.

Odds are even the smallest of your clients can help their bottom lines by improving the ability to communicate and collaborate — with each other, with their customers, with partners and suppliers.

Combine that need for effective communication and collaboration with the power of today’s Cloud and mobile technologies — and you have an enormous opportunity: ”Video-for-Everyone”.

I’m talking about low-latency, high-quality videoconferencing, with content sharing over general-purpose IP networks. It’s possible because today’s devices — including tablets and smartphones — have the ability to encode and decode real-time video. So now everyone can enjoy a telepresence-quality experience anytime, anywhere, on just about any device with an Internet connection.

Learn more about  Quest’s Cloud HD Video Conferencing service , which connects anyone, any screen, and any content. And while you do, pay attention to  the up-selling and cross-selling opportunities with Cloud HD Video Conferencing:

  • When you’re selling to IT folks, Cloud HD Video Conferencing can lead into additional needs for storage and backup as a service for archiving and re-playing video.
  • Your best opportunities may well be with the line of business users, such as sales, marketing, product development, the C-level suite. You can expand your opportunities within an account when the Sales VP or the CMO is sold on Cloud HD Video Conferencing ease of use and affordability.

We can help you sell Quest’s Cloud HD Video Conferencing service . Our experts will accompany you on calls both face-to-face and virtual. And don’t forget: You always get a piece of the recurring revenue from each subscription you bring in.

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Adam Burke is Quest's Vice President of Sales and Partnerships.
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