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The 7 payoffs of solution-oriented technology selling

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Upending a business model that you’ve lived by for years is very tough. It can be hard to believe that just a short distance from where you’re standing there’s a more stable, more lucrative approach to selling technology.

So I offer a list of reasons for shifting to a solutions model. This is only a part of the journey — but understanding these payoffs is a crucial and necessary first step.

  1. A more predictable revenue stream that’s less susceptible to economic vagaries and vendor hiccups.
  2. More diversified revenue, due to business coming in from more vendors and more kinds of solution sales.
  3. More revenue per customer, since the solution deals you’re making involve multiple products and services.
  4. More satisfied customers and a stickier revenue base, because customers are inclined to be loyal to a well-supported solution that works for them as compared to merely a technology or a brand.
  5. Improved account protection, thanks to your deeper understanding of customers’ needs and your ability to respond to them holistically.
  6. Reduced customer acquisition costs , as customers will be less likely to churn if you do more than quote prices.
  7. Greater differentiation, because customers remember and appreciate those who bring them technology solutions that work well.
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Adam Burke is Quest's Vice President of Sales and Partnerships.
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