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Quest’s Global Network of Service Delivery Centers are Ready Right Now to Meet Your Clients’ Needs

Map of Quest's global network of Service Delivery Centers

When it comes to choosing a partner to help you meet changing client demands, you face some tough decisions. As I see it, you need three things to make a successful partnership:

  1. A partner who’s willing to share — i.e., when you make a sale, you get a piece of the proceeds, including a portion of ongoing revenue from Cloud service subscriptions.
  2. A partner with the right offerings — i.e., a solid bench of Cloud and other technology solutions that truly address your clients’ requirements.
  3. A partner who fields sufficient resources to reliably deliver what you’ve promised your clients — i.e., not merely strong technical experience/expertise but also a network of leading edge data centers specifically designed with the virtualization, automated management, and security capabilities.

Quest’s global network of 24×7 Service Delivery Centers extends your footprint and enables you to offer Disaster Recovery, Infrastructure as a Service and other critical IT services to meet your customers’ evolving needs.

Every Quest Service Delivery Center (SDC) houses the networks and securely isolated and segmented virtual machines and storage systems that keep your clients’ data and applications safe and protects access to them without compromising workload performance. Regardless of the type or scale of Cloud service, Quest’s global network of SDCs is ready right now to meet your clients’ needs.

Our SDCs also deliver other capabilities that you can offer your clients, including IT Operations Services which monitor and manage client networks, servers, applications, and security to ensure proper integration and seamless functioning of their IT assets and operations.

Our SDCs also maintain sophisticated business resumption capabilities that meet or exceed standards, so your clients can continue operations after a disruption, and provide colocation facilities for your clients who elect to locate IT assets in secure, environmentally controlled conditions.

At a time when your clients need to transform their communications and IT capabilities in order to remain competitive, Quest has the resources you and your clients can count on. For a closer look we invite you to share with your clients a video clip of Quest’s Service Delivery Centers .

Meet the Author
Adam Burke is Quest's Vice President of Sales and Partnerships.
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