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Flexibility Was Never Goliath’s Strength

No matter what sort of reseller niche you’ve occupied, it’s been upended by the cloud. The question is no longer whether you should find a way to offer cloud services. The question now is, what kind of cloud services should you provide?

From some of my recent conversations with telecom agents, I’ve concluded that many are caught on the horns of what I call the David-versus-Goliath dilemma: The commoditized simplicity of Goliath cloud services like those from Amazon, Google and Rackspace, appeal to many customers, yet precisely because these clouds are commodities, their service arrangements are intractable, their options are minimal, and their take-it-or-leave-it rigidity can be tough to adapt to customer idiosyncrasies.

Certainly, Goliath cloud services can be a good choice for straightforward, non-strategic applications. But what should you do when your customers’ needs are more complex?

To learn what you can do, I recommend reading this post from Quest’s Director of Sales, Gary Schick, originally published on Channel Partners Peer-to-Peer blog .

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