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Do-It-Yourself Consumers of Cloud

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We have all been in that conversation, when a customer is describing a need, a capability or a solution requirement that is a perfect fit for a Cloud-based platform. Before they even finish speaking, we have the “answer”! We cannot wait to jump in and prove how “smart we are”, how our company, our ecosystem partners, or our Cloud offerings are cutting-edge.

One problem. What if your client doesn’t buy into the Cloud strategy? What if they want to manage their core infrastructure, keep their data in-house and be able to “touch” their production? Regardless of the fact that Cloud-based solutions can remove complexities, this type of DIY IT buyer is impervious to white papers, TCO models, ROI calculators and any other presales tool used to funnel their IT spend to Cloud computing. Now what?

Those of us providing X-as-a-Service or Cloud computing run the risk of ignoring or underserving these consumers in the IT business to business marketplace, because “they aren’t ready yet”. However these customers are still buyers aren’t they? If you or your Service Providers can’t support their requirements, do their needs just go away? For those of you comfortable with burying your head in the sand, stop reading.

For everyone else, I suggest you find partners and suppliers who are okay coloring outside the lines with DIY clients looking for additional capabilities. The all-or-nothing approach rarely works in reality.

Can a DIY customer leverage a service for monitoring and reporting on core applications and systems, while still maintaining control of their infrastructure? Of course they can! Learn more .

Can a DIY customer leverage real time log reporting aggregation, anomaly detection and full system analytics on infrastructure they own and manage? Can this be done without deploying their own intensive security architecture? Why Not! Learn more .

Can DIY customers maintain their desktop management practices and keep their corporate data within their own firewall and even within their own datacenter, when rolling out virtual desktops? Can they achieve this level of flexibility and still leverage a subscription model? Again, of course they can! Learn more .

There are the DIYers and Do-It-For-Me customers, they are both looking for creative ways to get things done. All you have to do is ask, “How can we help?” and the toughest thing in sales — stop talking and listen.

Meet the Author
Adam Burke is Quest's Vice President of Sales and Partnerships.
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